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breast reconstruction

Mar 19, 2011 - 4 comments

Hi: Im a bit nervous im supposed to be getting the Diep procedure done within a month.  Anyone have a story about their breast reconstruction with the Diep procedure?


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by SueYoung55, Mar 19, 2011
I had DIEP done in New Orleans with the worlds best microsurgeons, Dr. DellaCroce and Dr Sullivan. They work on you at the same time and total surgery time was 6 hours.

I will say this to anyone considering DIEP reconstruction, do NOT just choose someone to do this surgery because they are local to you. You want the reputation, credentials and superior results. You want Doctors that have been doing this for years and years and years and have advanced the techniques beyond just DIEP. You want Doctors that have less than a one percent failure rate and that have done several thousand of these flaps. You do not want to be the 400th person they are doing. (yes I get flack for that comment but I don't care. the best is the best for a reason and I deserved the best and so does everyone else)

The results are wonderful! Are you going to do a prophyllactic mastectomy and get the left breast reconstructed as well? I would recommend it to remove as much breast tissue as possible thereby reducing your risk as well. Also, for symmetry you may want to have them both done at the same time.

I wish you the very best in whatever decisions you make. I had a wonderful experience and a terrific recovery with my DIEP. Feel free to message me and I'll answer what I can later as I'm having a garage sale today  LOL

739091 tn?1300669627
by SueYoung55, Mar 19, 2011
I see you're in Charleston... wonderful team of DIEP surgeons there as well. I hope that's who you're using if you stay local. They are the only other team out there I would use if that's who you are using.

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by ann417, Mar 19, 2011
Im from Calif but just moved to charleston, i don't like it here and want to move but anyway back to the breast thing.

I have blue cross blue shield of NJ and there are two doctors here in it dr. Craigy and Kline who were trained by Robert Allen i think it is.  Do you know them?  Are these the surgeons you are referring to.  Robert Allen is in NY now and he is not in network but Kline and Craigy work together.

Also did you smoke before you procedure?  Or earlier and quit or are you a non smoker?  I can't wait to get this done,  I had breast ca 12 years ago and Im am so self conscious i won't date.  I just have to get it fixed.

Also did you have the diep, im afraid of the 72 hours afterward that the body can reject it,  its high like `12 percent this happens to from the research i've done.

so look forward to hearing from you.  Im not that far from Louisiana if i had to go there right ? lol  im going to watch everybody loves raymond.  catch you later.

739091 tn?1300669627
by SueYoung55, Mar 20, 2011
Yes, they are the Charleston team. You will be in good hands. My Doctors and your Doctors all trained with Robert Allen for many many years. My Doctors then went and created other flap procedures for women who don't have enough tissue for DIEP flaps. But yes, you are in good hands.

If you are smoking, QUIT! Do not have this procedure unless you have really quit smoking for 2 months or so. If you don't they aren't kidding when they say your DIEP flaps could die, they could and they will. If you're still smoking then reschedule your surgery for 2 months out. It really is critical. Otherwise you face failure of your flaps because of smoking. I would never go to surgeons with a 12% flap failure rate. Ever. Mine had less than 1% failure rate over more than 10 years and they do alot of flaps, and I mean ALOT! That 12% failure rate is coming from other surgeons failures, not yours, not mine. But if you continue to smoke you could have flap failure and that will increase their flap failure percentage.

Smoking was not an issue for me thank goodness.

I know you're a little self conscious about it. If a man is worthwhile, he won't give a fig about some scars. Really. :)

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