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Cramps, worried and confused??

Mar 20, 2011 - 3 comments









am i pregnant




faint lines on hpt

So I've had really mild cramps for 2 days. Starting to think am i pregnant??
Line's still faint on HPT's. Lots of creamy CM.
AF was due today, no sign??

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by Sheaby, Mar 20, 2011
I've been having mild cramps all week.  I still haven't gotten my BFP, but I do know that cramps are normal.  Your uterus has to stretch to make room for baby and everything little bean comes with.  Don't freak out just yet!!!!  Lots of  SSBD to you!!!!

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by BabyDreamin88, Mar 20, 2011
cnt help but worring cause i miscarried last year and cramps were my first sign. I've done 5 HPT's and all have faint lines, spoke 2 loads of different ladies who have all said any line on a HPT is a positive.
Trying my hardest not to freak out but its soooo hard!! lol. xx

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by steph61891, Jan 16, 2012
Yes any line on a HPT is positive!!!!

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