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Mar 20, 2011 - 6 comments

This is just a note to give a little hope and to say I am thinking and praying for all of us who are still going through numerous test, ultrasounds, different doctors, diagnosis, depression and whatever else has stolen our joy. Let's try to remain positive through all of this. WE have been chosen to fight these ongoing battles not only because we are warriors and can win but also to help and encourage others.

I know sometime the tunnel seems so dark and we don't know if we will ever see any light but I'm here to tell you we will! Let's continue to push through these days knowing that brighter days are ahead. I'm writing this because I feel better today than I have in a looooooong time. I actually feel a little "normal" lol.

It feels so good to be able to talk to everyone on here. We may not physically be there with each other but we know where to find each other when we need to and that is awesome. You guys have made a difference in my life from all of the stories and support and I can't thank you ALL enough. I just hope to return the favor! Let's continue to stay hopeful, mindful, and prayful for each other!

Peace & Blessings to all

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215461 tn?1331862765
by danie17075rm, Mar 20, 2011
Those words just made me cry.  I don't know what I would do without all of you who have helped me so much.  I'd probably be in a mental ward somewhere still suffering from thyroid symptoms lol.  I'm so glad you are having a good day.  I know when I have those moments it feels so wonderful I want to should it on the mountain that I might be normal lol.  It makes me appreciate life so much more than I ever have.  I feel like I can accomplish anything in those moments because I made it through all the tough times.   I have moments where I just feel like I can't take another minute of struggling, and that I'm just going to lay down, give up, and let whatever happens, happen.  Something always happens in these moments though. God always provides.  I will start to feel better, or I'll read helping words from others that have been through the same thing.  I know that I am not the only one fighting this war, and that makes me fight a little harder since I am not only fighting for myself.  I think that if you guys can fight through it, than so can I.  You are right that there is a purpose for all this.  We can encourage others, and we have.  Thank you for writing this.  It's beautiful, and I was having one of those moments in which I wanted to just give up.  These words were exactly what I needed to read right now.

1611319 tn?1378618399
by SassySharon, Mar 20, 2011
Wow, me too Danie,  Just what I neede.  Thanks Sharmon for writing this and putting a smile on my face!  It is nice to hear someone out there trying to be as positive too.  I am so happy that you are having a good day and now many more will after reading your words.....Blesssings   -sass-

1157646 tn?1343967128
by Nat_16, Mar 20, 2011
Ok, I admit, reading that made me cry as well.  Sharmon, Im so glad you're having a good day!  

Before I read this I was thinking about seeing my new doctor tomorrow and was worrying about it (I hate seeing new doctors, too many bad experiences perviously)...your journal reminded me to remain positive and keep hoping she's gunna be a good doctor.  

Thanks for writing this! : )

215461 tn?1331862765
by danie17075rm, Mar 20, 2011
....shout on a mountain top, not should.  My thyroid brain fog is heavy today.  Hopefully I didn't do that on the paper I just turned in lol.  

1634959 tn?1308410002
by SharmonB, Mar 20, 2011
Thank you guys sooo much for reading this! I am so happy it helped you brightens my heart!! You guys have helped me more than you know and I am forever grateful for you all and this site!

1445110 tn?1388209711
by HessyKat, Mar 20, 2011
Just wanted to also thank you too. Today has been one of those normal days. Thank God! I was able to go to the grocery store, cook, take a hot bath and shave my long hairs off my legs LOL. I really thought Friday I did not know if I was gonna be around or be in the hospital I felt so bad. Thanks for the words of encouragment. I also wish good things to come for us all. Everyone of you are in my prayers and thoughts.

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