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Really bad today

Mar 20, 2011 - 6 comments

So the pepcid ac helps a lot ... until I eat.  It can handle one meal but anymore and it stops working.  This is on 20mg hour before breakfast and an hour before supper plus 2 gaviscon after each meal.  

Chocolate and dairy seem to be supper bad, which is properly why my "asthma" seemed to get better when I stopped drinking milk last year.  However, the amount that I notice causing problems is at one chocolate chip cookie :'(

All of the fatigue too and sinus problems are linked as well, there was a day I didn't eat as much (I don't eat that much to begin with) and it was all super super healthy I feel awesome all around.  The problem is that all I ate for the entire day was half a bowl of cereal ,a banana and a bowl of salad.  

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by bsmsl, Mar 21, 2011
Sorry, Tammy.  It is tough to figure reflux triggers out.

You might want to try Zantac (ranitidine) instead of Pepcid.  I find it much more effective.  OTC dosages are 75 or 150 mg.  I take a prescription dosage.  Also, a PPI for a few weeks might be helpful.  Omeprazole is OTC if you want to try that.  I have heard a few people say that they really like Zegrid.  I don't know much about it, but it is a newer OTC option.

I also use Mylanta or Rolaids for break through reflux.  They both have calcium and magnesium as active ingrediants.  When I was checking out those options, the others only had one active ingredient.  

I have also found the timing makes a big difference as well.  I can have tea and chocolate in the morning to early afternoon but not later than that.  I have been told to take the ranitidine at bedtime and the PPI earlier in the day.  

Chocolate REALLY triggers my reflux.  Starbucks hot chocolate is the absolue worst thing I can have. I actually have heartburn with that stuff.  

I hope that helps you some.  I know it is meserable, but at least you are starting to figure it out.  

Feel better.

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by Tammy2009, Mar 21, 2011
thanks.  Zantac was the first thing that I tried, worked amazing (150mg OTC) .... for a whole 2 hours.  Today has been pretty good but I took three doses instead of 2 (one before breakfast, one before supper and one at bedtime so 60mg total) and it's helping a lot, just a little sour-ness first thing in the morning (which I normally have constantly but always thought that was normal, oops).  

I have tried Tums which is calcium based and then don't do anything for me, I wonder if that would change with both magnesium and calcium there since the gaviscon defintely worked (but pretty expensive).

Chocolate and milk ingridents seem to be the worse :(  I don't drink milk (use yummy almond milk instead), trying to limit yogurt and other milk things.  However, everything has it in it!!  plus that means no cheese which really *****, I've been trying to limit that for the last year with little success, I love it too much.  Oh well, slowly change and hopefully get it down to only needing meds when I'm bad and have cheese or chocolate.

I should probably talk to my family doctor though because a lot of the "symptoms" that disappear or are reduced on the meds now are ones that I've grown up with and thought there was nothing wrong with them ... .like the constant sore tasting, wet cough after I eat, constant feeling of "mucus" in my throat.

Although on the good side, my sinuses and plugged ears (thought were related to sinus problems) totally clear up as well!!  And everyone thought it was due to my allergies to cats and living with them - ha! they were wrong and Tamara was right hehehe.  So quite liking that, they are finally bad to how they were after the deviated septum was fixed.  

Thanks for the comment!

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by bsmsl, Mar 23, 2011
I can totally relate to thinking symptoms were normal and there was nothing wrong with them.  I was the same way with my asthma.

I wasn't diagnosed as a child, but I had symptoms that I now know were due to untreated asthma.  I never could run as a child without my lungs burning and losing my breath - EIA!!  As well as other things, but that is the one that really stands out.  I hated gym class and exercise because I couldn't breathe.  I thought that everyone dealt with that and I was being a whimpy kid.  

I am so glad you are feeling better and are getting the hang of your new, accurate diagnosis.

Take care.

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by ChitChatNine, Mar 28, 2011
Chocolate has caffeine in it which is a super huge reflux trigger & dairy an be a super reflux problem too.  The caseine (milk protein) is a known trigger for many even if they test negative to a true allergy.  Sometimes a total milk elimination diet helps.  Many have issues with soy who have problems with milk .. rice milk may be the way to go for awhile and see if it helps .. that is, if it's ok with your Doc.


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by ChitChatNine, Mar 28, 2011
I see you are limiting milk -- have you tried Prevacid in higher doses if okay with your Dr?  That is, after your tests of course.

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by Tammy2009, Mar 28, 2011
I finally went and talked to doctor ..... I'm a bad procasinator with health stuff hehe.  I have urea breath test to look for possibe H pylori component and upper gi fluroscopy on wednesday.  Apparently she doesn't think me being nauseaous is just stress .... been that way for 4-5 years but it's so minor didn't think anything of it.  It is impossible to completely eliminate milk, it's in everything (and I love cheese)!!  I was given a prescription for protonix (I think, her writing is bad) to try after the testing.  so we'll see how it goes.

Do either of you know if your period can make reflux worse?  I went from super bad (almost to go in and get neb because I was so tight) and then it disappeared as soon as my period started, with being off meds for the testing and now I'm starting to get symptoms bad and supper tired - now 3 day in.  It was pretty dramatic change in symptoms though from before to during.

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