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Depression getting worse

Mar 22, 2011 - 0 comments

Feels like my depression is getting worse. Family and friends aren't helping at all. Doesn't feel like any of them care.
Got angry at boyfriend, but didn't voice it. I don't want to lose him, so I keep my irritability to myself.
Had small suicidal thoughts. Nothing really major. Just wondering if it would be better off that way. I don't like thinking about the future, because it doesn't seem like it's going to be very good. I feel like everyday is just repeating itself. That I only live to get through school during the day just so I can go home and sleep. Everyday. Just go through everyday waiting to be able to go back to sleep again. And I'm also waiting for the weekend to see my boyfriend. And then the weekend is over in two days and it almost didn't feel worth it to suffer through the whole week, just to get a weekend that flies by within the blink of an eye.
I just hope we can find a medication that'll help me. Maybe if we get my adderall dosage increased. Dad's making an appointment. Just praying for something to get rid of all these feelings.
Just praying.

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