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Almost 1 year since my first surgery

Mar 23, 2011 - 4 comments

1 year


Ovarian Cancer




ct scan

It's been almost 1 year since I found out that I had ovarian cancer.  I am so thankful that it was found early at stage 1 and I did not require chemo or radiation.  I had my first CT scan in November and everything looked good.  I am hoping and praying that the next few years will continue to show no cancer in my CT scans.  Hope all my friends on MedHelp are doing well with their health and hugs to all of you.  Gina

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by shewrites, Mar 23, 2011
I just celebrated 9 years since my surgery.  It can be done.  If the doctor is confident, get back to your life.  Spend your time living, not worrying.  But also keep the doctor's appointments because, as my doctor says, the chances of recurrence are extremely low, but they're not zero.  


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by Gina3754, Mar 24, 2011
Thanks.  I needed this.  I do worry when I feel feel a twinge that doesn't seem right, but like you said, I need to spend my time living.  Thanks for the pep  talk!

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by Worried1957, Aug 24, 2011
Why did your doctors suspect cancer?  I have a 4.8 cm complex septated ovarian cyst.  I have had two US and the second one showed a slight increase in size.  I cannot get into the GYNE until September 30.  Could this amount of waiting time by dangerous?  Should I try to find another physician.   I am worried about this so much.  My other ovary is astrophic and nonexist for the most part.  Can anyone give me advice about this.  Thanks in advance.

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by Gina3754, Aug 25, 2011
Hi Worried1957,

My first surgery was for a vaginal hysterectormy and bladder suspension.  The doctor saw a cyst on one of my ovaries and did a ultrasound, but did not suspect cancer.  She was going to take out the one ovary and uterus.  When she opened me up, she discovered growths on the ovaries, took both of them out and did a frozen section biopsy.  Unfortuneatly, the doctor ruptured the ovaries when removing them.  No Oncologists was on duty, so I could not be staged.  In the meantime, I develop an infection.  My staging surgery was delayed for 6 weeks.  I had the head of GYN Oncology do my surgery and no other cancer was found (he did find a fragment of one of the ovaries still in my abdomen).  I will have my second CT scan in November.  I would  want to see a doctor sooner than you are scheduled.  Is there another doctor available that you trust?  I'm not sure of the time frame of how long is dangerous (mine was a slow growing type of cancer-LMP).   I hope the best for you.

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