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Faint Line, am I pregnant??

Mar 24, 2011 - 20 comments

Kind of hard to see, but there is a faint line there. It seems like it got a little darker to me since yesterday morning, but still hard to tell. I've never gotten a positive before so please tell me what you think. Hopefully you will be able to see it from the pic. Thanks!

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1609417 tn?1389642778
by haz1104, Mar 24, 2011
OMG!!! its there I can C it!!! congratulations!!
Maan!! this month keeps getting better and better!!! ..

test again tomoro its definitely gonna b darker! :)

Sticky vibes!!

1353461 tn?1340378203
by monnie143, Mar 24, 2011
Congratulations!!! I see it!!! H&H 9 months!!!

1348789 tn?1338422327
by earthangle, Mar 24, 2011
congrats I c it!!

1422615 tn?1334064234
by rmmoye, Mar 24, 2011
I can see it too! U got your BFP!!! Congrats. We will have to keep in touch. I got mine like this yesterday! Yeah  for us!!!

1472934 tn?1327336950
by babycrazy113, Mar 24, 2011
Definitely a line there!!! Congrats!!!

1072233 tn?1333469524
by noahsmommy8, Mar 24, 2011
i would wait 2 days before you test again! still keeping my fingers crossed for you!

1118302 tn?1422495161
by yoha919, Mar 24, 2011
i can see it too just keep testing wishing you the best of luck.

1356013 tn?1396487228
by want2getprego, Mar 24, 2011
Thanks yall!! I'm trying not to get too excited because there is always a chance it could be from the trigger shot.... AF is supposed to come tomorrow and I will retest again to see if it gets even darker. I'll keep yall posted!! I love my Med Help family!!!

1287276 tn?1357854419
by trustGodHeWilldoit, Mar 24, 2011

1395792 tn?1358115792
by Destani214, Mar 24, 2011
congrats girl make sure to use first morning urine!!!! Its a bfp!!!

1356013 tn?1396487228
by want2getprego, Mar 24, 2011
Thanks yall! I will!

1293683 tn?1334019210
by tones99, Mar 24, 2011
how many days past trigger are you?  if your af is due tomorrow I am thinking that there would have been enough time for trigger to be gone and that what we're looking at is indeed a ****BFP**** woo hoo!!!  I can't wait to see it getting darker and darker .. good luck honey!

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by Caralea, Mar 24, 2011
This is how mine looked and now my baby girl is 11 weeks tomorrow!! CONGRATS!

1356013 tn?1396487228
by want2getprego, Mar 24, 2011
I'm 15 days past the trigger, so I'm thinking that it should def be out of my system... Thanks yall!

1287017 tn?1537898943
by DellaKemp, Mar 24, 2011
Your Preggo!!!!!! You just have to be. Im excited for you

796506 tn?1370188305
by nickieb85, Mar 24, 2011
I am so excited for you!!!! Congrats!

1571146 tn?1399909692
by Moma_Cher, Mar 24, 2011
Congrats, fer sure a bfp!

367100 tn?1330914725
by illsurvive, Mar 24, 2011
you i can see

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by KezzLMR, Mar 25, 2011
i had exact same with those tests give it a day or 2 & test again.... i can def see a pink line there & as they say a line is a line however faint. if your still not convinced on the 2nd test go get a didgital test... there will be no doubt then. Goodluck. fingers crossed for you. xx

1606037 tn?1308964555
by nettawantsababyboy, Mar 25, 2011
See maam I see c it too. That happen to me and I took for test just to make sure...LOL. Congrats and GOD BLESS

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