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Tinnitus, please help.

Jan 16, 2008 - 8 comments






Please, any comments or anything at all, I need help.

My symptom of tinnitus started last Sunday, Jan 6th. I'm not sure what is causing it, but I went to take a audiology test and it shows that my hearing is above normal, which it shows that my eardrum and the hair in my ear are not damaged. The audiologist, she told me I don't have that much of earwax either. I told her about my cold and there's this stuffy feeling in my ear, and she said its probably the cold that caused the ear congestion, which leads to tinnitus. The cold first caused me to have stuffy nose, then it goes up to both my ears, now the muscle of my neck feel like its stuffy and hardened like my ear.

So what could be the reason I have this symptom of tinnitus. It's not the earwax, as the audiologist said. My eardrum and hair are not damaged. But my cold is not going away yet, it been 11 days since i catched the cold. I still feel this stuffy or air pressure deep inside of my ear.

So the questions I have:

1. Could the cold caused me to have a permanent tinnitus?

2. How long do you think this symptom of tinnitus will last, if it's temporary?

3. What can I do to get rid of the cold and the congestion in my ear? (I'm taking Claritin-D 12Hour which help Nasal Decongestant.)

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by AdamZ, Feb 02, 2008

A couple days ago I acquired a cold from school, and as a result, i have developed serious tinnitus. Also, in my condition, i am expirencing the same "deep pressure" in my ears as well. So it looks like you and I have the same thing. I took some Theraflu while was sick, and in my reading of the side affects of it, discovered that tinnitus was a possible affect.

So in concluding my comment, i would just like you to know that there are others with this problem, and im going to guess that it persists because of congestion and/or medication.

I would be sure that this is not permanent, permanent tinnitus is most commonly acquired from hearing loss or damage.

So, when the pressure in your ears goes away and you still are experiencing tinnitus, that would be the time to do some more research and schedule another appointment.

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by lphs9, Jul 06, 2008
Even i have suffered the same problem of tinnitus since about 3 years. I often suffer from cold and i believe that it is the cause of my problem. I hear a constant whistle and feel stuffy in my ear. Initially when the tinnius started, i used to sneeze very hard and the stuffiness used to go away and so would the sound. It often came back soon because i have sinus problems. But recently since a two years, my sneeze has become imperfect and gets blocked in my nostrils so the sound has returned. I even visited a few doctors who could'nt identify the problem as my hearing test showed a normal level of hearing.
Currently i have turned to yoga breathing exercises and i hope that it will help me.
I am not a doctor or a medical expert, but this is an account of my experience.

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by jeang, Oct 30, 2008
Join the American Tinnitus Association for info on how to cope with tinnitus and to help support its ongoing research into tinnitus.

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by yowz, Jul 29, 2009
I have experience tinnitus 2X now.  Both times, same conditions.  Conditions are- 1) travel to Hawaii for vacation. 2) body surf in ocean. 3) get a cold. Probably predisposed to catching cold because I went to Hawaii to rechage my body.  I always feel the dry air and time change stress my body.  4) Fly home.

It has been the same ear each time, left.  What happens is hen plane descends I feel massive pain and pressure in my ear.  I won't be able to hear properly for 2 to 5 days.  Ears will kid of pop until I can hear normally.  I think the tinnitus starts as soon as plane lands but I am in so much pain it may be when my eardrum pops and my hear goes back to "normal".  

Saw Doctor first time, didn't get much help. Did audio test, had decreased hearing in upper frequencies of affected ear.  Tinnitus stopped on its own 6 to 10 months later.

I am suffering now for the second time.  Fly to Hawaii 1 month ago.  I am less distressed than last time having been thru this already. Haven't been to doctor this time as I have no health insurance to pay for doctor visit but contemplating going soon.

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by fp1686, Mar 08, 2010
hey, even i am suffering from the same problem.......i never caught cold but 4 years back i caught cold tyhat affected   hear and tinnitus is with me since then but has increased this time.........too frustrated of it now

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by MrHappyPants, May 23, 2010
hmm, a pattern seems to be showing. I have had a bad cold for like a month now, and about two weeks ago I was in the shower and blew my nose really hard and bam, stuffy ears. I didn't flip out(at first) it was just kinda annoying, like there was water in there ya know. Anyways, i'm not the kind of guy that can just shrug it off and go about my day. it ruined my motivation to do anything pretty quickly. So convinced my ear was clogged i tried all kinds of wax removal remedies(which was the worst thing i could have done) ...didn't work. so I went to the ENT specialist. He told me I had high frequency damage in my left ear, and told me to take mucinex D. so i went and bought it. used it. then things got crazy. my clogged ears were gone, but now...TINNITUS. oh man, easily the most annoying thing that I have ever been through. It caued me to miss an important test at school, i was very, very depressed about it thinking things like "what if i have to live with this the rest of my life. my life will never be the same." yada yada. after getting advice from numerous people I came to the conclusion I had TMJ. after doing reasearch. i learned that basically I had to find away to deal with it for now. the hardest thing was falling asleep. It was literally so hard. I haven't slept in the past three nights. last night, however, I did find a way to fall asleep for a very brief time, maybe twenty minutes or so. Then I would fall asleep just to wake myself up shortly after. anyways the point is i woke up for the last time this morning and it was gone. The tinnitus was gone. completely. I am somewhat worries it might come back. but the whole point of all this is to give some people hope. it went away for me, when i really didn't think it was going to. it could go away for you too. some useful tricks to fall asleep i used were blasting my fan, to drown out the noise, AND have the tv going or music in the background. its like double teaming that stupid fricken sound. so if you still are suffering. i feel for you. and i would give you a hug if i could. keep your chin up, and try to keep your anxiety and stress about this down as much as you can. If you are religious, then pray about it. i did. if you are feeling down about this and need to talk to somebody who has been through it, then e-mail me. i'm here to support anybody who has Tinnitus.     ***@****


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by yorgho123, Jan 06, 2013
My tinnitus started after i had a bad cold.  The cold/flu had me bed-ridden for a few days.  One of the nights I woke up to go to the bathroom and the tinnitus started !!  It is now a year past the incident and the tinnitus has been coming and going on random basis, sometimes, staying for 2 or three weeks non-stop.  All I know is that it started with the cold/flu incident.

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by Tazoo, Jan 30, 2013
Have you ever read the book "Tinnitus the silent scream - from hell to Nirvana" ? It could be helpfull and it is available on As I am suffering from Tinnitus myself I know how difficult it is to cope with it especially in the beginning and it always worsens when I have a cold. Best is not to concentrate  too much on it and music in the background or under the pillow as an aid to fall asleep was very helpful to me and still is. I wish you the very best.

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