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Complex Ovarian Cyst

Mar 25, 2011 - 12 comments





Ovarian Cysts


complex ovarian cyst





I am beyond frustrated and decided to keep a journal on here in hopes of receiving feedback/support.  I am 26 years old and was recently diagnosed with a "4.8cm complex ovarian cyst" on my right ovary.  I have been experiencing pain in the pelvic region for 10 years now.  Every time I go to the doctor, they tell me I have small fluid filled ovarian cysts that are nothing to worry about.  Over the last year, I have been to the ER 4 times with unbearable pain on my right side.  Every time, they tell me it was probably just a cyst that popped and send me home.
4 weeks ago, I was at the ER/Urgent Care again.  I waited 4 days of excrutiating pain before I went in.  I also had a high fever, vomiting, diahria, no appetite and frequent urges to urinate.  They did not have an ultra sound machine there and did not want to do another CT (I've had 2 CT's in the last year).  They wanted to send me in an ambulance to the ER for an ultra sound.  I told them I would just wait because I had an U/S scheduled for later that week.  I finally got my U/S results this week (this is when my doc found the complex cyst).  The notes on the US stated to have a follow up US in 6 weeks.  My doc decided to send a "semi-urgent" request for me to see an ObGyn.  It is going to take 3 months for me to be seen by her.  
What am I supposed to do in the meantime?!  I am in constant pain (4 on a scale of 10) with the times around ovulation reaching an 8 or 9.  My doctor won't give me any pain meds and Tylonol/Advil don't do anything!!
I get so frustrated that when I'm alone I just start crying....what else can I do?!?  I'm starting to feel like a hypochondriac!  Is the pain just all in my head?!?  I'm embarrassed to seek help for the pain because everyone makes me feel like I'm overreacting!
I feel like giving up!

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by angelface3392000, Mar 27, 2011's been a month of pain (and since I went to the ER), I still have very little appetite.  Every time I eat, it makes my stomach hurt's like a hot poker stabbing me.  Now the left side is hurting too but it seems to high to be a cyst.
I asked my doctor to send my referral to another obgyn that my friend saw and did her surgery (Dr John Jarrell, Calgary, AB).  This doc also specializes in pain therapy (which I'm hoping he can help with).  This doc might be able to get me in sooner than the original (which was 3 months).  I'm just hoping the cyst doesn't grow anymore...cuz I'm in enough pain already.  Doc gave me Tylonol 3 for the pain....which doesn't help.
What are the chances a complex will shrink on their own?
I really just want this all to be over with!

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by angelface3392000, Mar 28, 2011
Called the doc to follow up on my referral (to the obgyn I requested), I guess the nurse didn't get the info.  She then asked if I was pregnant and if that is why I needed a referral.  I'm pretty irritable when I'm in pain, so I snapped back and told her to read what the referral says.  She then apologized.
My follow up ultra sound is scheduled for April 15 (6 weeks from my last one).  
I still feel nauseous whenever I eat and the pain is getting worse.  I think I'm ovulating though (and have heard this makes the pain worse).  I also have pain in my left side now.  Could it be another cyst growing?  Maybe it's just me being paranoid.  I'm honestly at the point where I think I'm just imagining the pain now.
I refuse to go to the ER anymore (I feel so stupid because I have gone so often).  I've decided to just live with the pain until I see the specialist.

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by angelface3392000, Mar 31, 2011
The pain is sooooo bad lately.  I'm ovulating though, so I'm just hoping the pain goes away in a few days.
I made a doc appt to see if there's anything she can tell me/give me to manage the pain until I see the specialist.  I won't even hear back from the specialist for a few weeks with a date.  The specialist determines if my case is really "urgent" who knows how long I could be waiting.
I still refuse to go to the ER....they look at me like I'm crazy when I go....I'm so sick of feeling stupid....but I'm in pain!!  I can't sit (I feel like my insides are being pushed up), I can't walk (I get sharp shooting pains and feel like my insides are moving).  I have hot flashes, night sweats, a slight fever that comes and goes throughout the day.
I just feel like crying!!!  I have Tylonol 3 that the doc gave me for a cough I had....I took some in hopes it would help with my pelvic was pointless....I don't even think it helped the pain at all.
I'm literally at the end of my rope!!!!

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by Jolee1074, Apr 28, 2011
I'm curious to find out how you are now.  I'm having the same issues along with a fever.  I've been jumping up and down with my drs and finally got an appt to an OBGYN as soon as tomorrow.  I really hope your better if not, give them hell. You need to be treated better than this.

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by angelface3392000, Apr 29, 2011
Hi Jolee1074.  Thanks for checking up.  I had my follow up and they didn't see the cyst....but I felt the tech didn't really know what she was doing.... My doc is sending me for a CT on May 10.  I finally have an appt with the OBGYN on June 16 (which is actually quick, they told me my urgent request would be 5 months, and this is only 3)....
I'm still constantly in pain (I think there's a period of one week a month where I actually feel; normal!)
Let me know what happens with your appt?  Hope you feel better soon!!

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by bpheonix, Apr 29, 2011
Hello, I was just glancing throughout this site and saw your post. I also have a complex cyst that is giving me pain also, which is 5cm. I'm really confused on why they haven't given you surgery? I went into my gyno on Wed and i'm getting surgery on Tuesday May 3rd. The pain you are in seems to be a lot more pain than I am in, so it seems to be yours is more urgent.
I would suggest finding a new gyno. I went through 3 doctors in two days, went to the ER and they ALSO looked at me like i was crazy, and then i called my normal gyno who said i was ovulating. wtf really? Anyway, my PCP is the one who gave me the script for the ultrasounds that found it, and I went to an amazing gyno. Perhaps you need to find another doctor & gyno.

I don't recommend the whole "wait & see" thing, especially because complex cysts can become dangerous.
I hope you feel better soon!

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by Jolee1074, Apr 29, 2011
wow angelface, I agree with bpheonix on the new dr thing.  I didn't even have an OBGYN and got into one the next day.  However, I'm not thrilled with him currently.  I ended up having extreme pain and went to our urgent care last night before I was to see the OBGYN today.  Today I see him and am in pain, he tells me he isn't worried about the cyst which is a 2cm complex...its too small is all I keep hearing.  He does blood work and urine work and I beg for a CT scan and he states its impossible to get one on a friday even when I asked for a scheduled one for the future he says no.  He states to go to the ER and get a CT scan over the weekend if I'm in too much pain and that he will be out of town.  My husband later (after i was crying and upset and discouraged) nicely says shes in a ton of pain, hasn't slept, cant sit comfortably or lay, and can't work is there anyway we can schedule a CT scan, and I end up down the road at facility within 5 minutes for a CT scan.  The CT scan shows nothing but the complex ovarian cyst.  They call me up and say we want to see you in 6 weeks for a follow up nothing appeared on your CT scan but the cyst, however, please follow up with your primary physician because you have a low white blood cell count.   Now after looking into this online, it appears these two things can be related..and possibly it could be worse then that I guess.  But he isn't concerned with it.  

What am I to do now?  but angel I plead with you to get in a Dr. around and see if someone will take you as a new patient sooner..I did, and I got in..I'm not liking my answers yet..but at least I am getting testing and results.

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by angelface3392000, May 02, 2011
Thanks for the encouragement.....
Bphoenix...good luck with surgery!  Keep me updated once you've had surgery, if you don't mind.  Hope it all goes well :)

I live in Canada....not too sure if you know how the healthcare is here....well, it's horrible....long wait times for everything.  I've actually switched doctors a few times because they all just told me they didn't know why I was in pain.  My PCP now is the one that requested the u/s to find out what was wrong.....they had me wait the 6 weeks for my second u/s because they cyst was under 5cm.....really???  It was.2 away and causing pain!!!!  The "urgent" request for the obgyn is taking so long because they are that busy....i've called around to others that tell me 5-6 months!  My PCP told me the only way to be seen sooner is to go to the ER.....I haven't been in enough pain that i feel it's an emergency (just because it's constant but I can still walk)  I've gone to the ER about 5 times in the last year and a half for burst cysts and they look at me like i'm crazy and constantly tell me that i shouldn't be in pain!!  At the ER!  
My last u/s didn't show the cyst.....but she was over on the other side the whole time (and litterally took 3 min to do the entire u/s!  I had to fight with the doc to get her to send me for a CT...I told her i was still in pain...the same place.  the doc tried telling me it would take 6 months to get a ct!  thank god it's scheduled for may 10.  
i'm hoping the obgyn will be able to help more...i see him on june 16.  if i'm too much pain to handle, i'll definitely go back to the er...but i've lived with it this long....

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by aymesm, Feb 25, 2012
omg.. I just found this, how did you make out? I am in canada too, have had the same cyst on my ovary for 5 years and symptoms of ovarian cancer. I am having the same problem. the doctors are so incompetent. Hope you made out ok.

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by MrsSlawson, Sep 12, 2012
Hey. I just got this app on my phone and read this. I live in Mississippi and am going through the same thing. It causes my husband and I to argue alot because there are times I feel like he doesn't believe me. We have an almost one year old daughter, and i'm having to take care of her plus my other two also. So I feel constantly like i'm not aloud to be in allot of pain because I have three kids to take care of. I hate going to the emergency room because the doctors here look at you like you're a drug seeker. I just went today to a different doctor for the cysts hoping I can get some kind of relief and no.... Nothing. All she did was tell me that she's going to send me to see an ob/gyn. I get so frustrated with going to the doctor that I just don't go. I just wish I could go ahead and get a hysterectomy and get this over with and just maybe, hopefully, I won't be in so much pain anymore. Please message me or something and let me know what has went on with you. Thanks.

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by gere0, Oct 12, 2012
HI!  I'm 41 and I have to say...I'M OVER IT TOO!!!!  I have wanted a hysterectomy since I was a teenager!  I have always had VERY HEAVY and PAINFUL periods!  Then, in 2006, I ended up in the ER for the first time b/c of the pain!  It's to the point that I even joke with them that I'm a "frequent flyer"! (I don't go in anymore either for the period pain, but, I'm a clutz and hurt myself often! LOL!)...I have had SEVERAL u/s and one cat-scan done.  My obgyn says there is nothing wrong with me!  The last u/s I had was June 2011.  My dr's husband saw me for an er issue, and ordered it.  I had an apt with her the next week for my yearly.  She said that the cysts were just proving that my ovaries were working!  AND CANCELLED HIS REQUEST TO HAVE ANOTHER U/S DONE IN @ MONTHS!  Then, while I was in the hospital having my knee replaced (see-CLUTZ!), I got a call saying that my pap was abnormal and to come back in Dec! At some point during all this mess, a year or two ago, my pcp gave me a script for low dose vicoden for the cramps (ovulation and period).  I had to take 1-2 vicoden+2 advil every am and pm, and 2 advil afternoon just to function during these two weeks of the month!  This year, my cramps have increase to 3 weeks of the month!  I HAD IT!  I went to a new obgyn, had printed out my history and symptoms (didn't get one record from previous, I was soo ticked!) and it was 3 sides!  She said this was ridiculous, and that I shouldn't have to live this way!  That b/c I know I don't want children, my age, etc, she gave me a referral to see a surgeon!  Today I got all my u/s records and discs and I was just going thru them (tom I see the surgeon!)....I AM SHOCKED!  I have a "dominant complex hypoechoic cyst with probable internal septation"!  THE RADIOLOGIST SAID TO COME BACK IN 2 MONTHS!!!...this was the one I had done June 2011.  So, now I have to wonder what they are going to find in this surgery!  Uterine cancer runs in my family, running back at least 3-4 generations, and at least 2 of them got it in their 40's, and one died in their 40's of it!  I know, uterine vs. ovarian, but still!!!  She hasn't taken me seriously!  UGH!!!  I SUGGEST YOU GO FIND ANOTHER DOCTOR!!!!  AND GOOD LUCK!!!! I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!!!! (I only cried TWICE during my knee replacement surgeries....I SOB EVERY MONTH B/C OF CRAMPS!!!!!)

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by spooky67, Mar 02, 2015
Just checking up to see how you are doing. I ran across your post when looking for ovarian cyst and loss of appetite.

I had a complex ovarian cyst on my right ovary that seems to be gone. Newest vaginal ultrasound shows nothing there now. I now have a 1.8 cm follicle on my left ovary. I am wondering if loss of appetite is a symptom of ovarian cysts? I am usually only hungry for breakfast. Some days Im not hungry all day and only eat because I know I have to. This has been going on for 2 months now. I had a great appetite before all this started.

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