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can I get a tatto with lymphoma?

Mar 26, 2011 - 4 comments





can i







Does anyone know if it's ok to get a tattoo with lymphoma?

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by crackerjack4u2, Mar 26, 2011
I'm not sure if it will be safe or not hun.  I'd recommend asking your doc. to make sure.  Have a wonderful night hun. Hugs and God Bless Brenda

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by sweetpea03, Mar 30, 2011
Pauljav's comment was a little out there and rude, but what he says is true. You have lymphoma, so risking your health for a tattoo would not be the smartest idea. I would say to skip the tattoo. If you want art work on your body, you can get one airbrushed for a temporary piece or something like that.

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by SassySharon, Mar 30, 2011
I would not.    -sass-

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by bluebird777, Mar 31, 2011
Thank you Brenda, Sweetpea, and SassySharon  :)

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