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Saturday wake-up call

Mar 27, 2011 - 3 comments

I noticed that after using this for the first time, I consumed MORE THAN DOUBLE my daily fat allowance - most of that came from the peanut butter on my sandwich(es) from lunch.  My pancake breakfast, while delicious, whas the next high fat item I could eliminate...followed by FIVE chocolate covered strawberries.  The strawberries were mammoth, so it was probably considered more like 10 of them.  

Tomorrow - I am going to consume my regular routine - and then I should start FEELING better, and LOOKING better very soon.

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1486688 tn?1333857307
by rockinrobin32, Mar 28, 2011
When I first started using the food tracker..I had no idea what I was supposed to have..I started tracking my food in October I believe..but actually started counting calories on Jan. 1.  It was amazing for me to be able to LOOK at what I was shoveling down!  I have NEVER counted calories..or paid attention to serving sizes..I often looked at the fat content due to gall stones..but that was about it.  I am sooo glad I happened upon this site..I love it..and the ppl here.  

Yes..peanut butter Loaded w/ calories..and fat..I have it occasionally..and I have less than a more peanut butter sandwiches:O(  Unless you can make one with two tablespoons.  ?  I usually just eat a tsp. by itself.  Trying to lay off the bread as weakness!

1646366 tn?1301359876
by kawelch26, Mar 28, 2011
I'm 5 ft tall, and I NEVER had to worry about what I ate - I had the greatest metabolism of all time - but - as they say, all good things come to an end :)  I was never "too" over-weight.  My highest was 135 - but that's about 20 pounds over what I should be at 5 ft tall.  I found an old high school friend on facebook - she and I were the same height in high school and she'd always been just a little bigger than me - and here she was all these years later running marathons and triathlons, and looking rock solid and beautiful!  She and I are both teachers - and it made me REALLY mad at myself.  I contacted her, and she helped me get on the right track - I ate in a routine:  oatmeal and blueberries and a decaf coffee with sugar free coffee mate in the morning, 6 almonds, a kashi granoloa bar and and orange for a snack, a wrap with turkey and spinach, yogurt and carrots for lunch, a banana for an afternoon snack, and a lean meat with veggies for dinner and a square of dark chocolate.  Then I eat 4 cups of airpopped popcorn that has cooking spray on it and tossed with lawry's season salt and a glass of crystal light before bed.  I hiked and roller bladed for fun, and I went down to 119!  It was awesome!  That was last summer - then in February of 2010 I got pregnant with my second child, and all that went out the window :)  I was so sick with my pregnancy...I ate whatever I could stomach...which was a prenatal vitamin and large fry from McDonalds - fried food and chocolate sat really well with me, and veggies made me want to vomit.  So now my daughter is 5 months old, and it's time to break the bad habits, once again.  It was just so hard to get motivated!  Then I saw how much fat I was eating...46 grams is my daily allowance according to this food tracker...and I was eating 94!!!  94 GRAMS OF FAT A DAY!  Bad, bad, bad.  I am newly motivated and am back to eating on a routine...can't wait to watch the pounds slip away!  (And fit into those prepregnancy clothes again!)

I know - peanut butter is sooooooo good - (especially when applied to chocolate...HA!)  When the weather gets warmer and I'm more active, I'm probably going to throw in a couple tablespoons here and there :)  

1486688 tn?1333857307
by rockinrobin32, Mar 28, 2011
Me too..Never had to think about what I ate..always tall and skinny..and tried to gain weight.  I'd give anything to have that problem again!  I can't blame any of mine on pregnancies!  :O(  My youngest child is 10 now..:O(  I got down to 126 when he was about 2 .  I was working 12 hr. shifts..coming home sleeping a couple hours, getting my little one back (the other two in school) watching him during the day..then when the other two would come home, I would help them w/ homework, cook dinner and get ready for work again.  I barely had time to eat!  Which worked out for me:O)
Then we moved..hubby got a job in FL.  I have yo yo'd around since then. We've moved a couple more Colorado..was great there, stayed busy..then Alabama..I only have weight issues in the state of Alabama!! lol  Everybodys bad eating habits around here combined with stress has been bad for me.  I plan to get it off and keep it off..I think that now since I have this website I can actually do it.  I'm 5' 9 btw.  I now weigh I don't have alot more to go..I have yet to start I think once I actually do will fall off.  I used to bike alot in FL..and rollerblade had no problem staying fit there.  Here, we don't have sidewalks...  It's muddy place to even walk outside here
We are moving again this Summer..S.C.  I'm told there's alot of cool parks there and I intend to take advantage of those..and try to get a house in a place where there are sidewalks:O) and nearby parks..walking distance of my house!

I love the peanut butter with the honey in it..oh so yummy!  Chocolate...mmmmmm I love me some chocolate!!

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