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Going crazy!!

Mar 27, 2011 - 10 comments

So my next appointment isn't until April 11th.  I will be 18 1/2 weeks then.  Driving me crazy that I have to wait until then to find out when they will make my ultrasound appointment!  With my luck it won't be until sometime in May!!!  Aaarrrrrrgghhhh!!!  Had to vent because the waiting is driving me mental!! :)

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1460967 tn?1512401138
by mlward3, Mar 27, 2011
Ehhhhh!!! That's crazy! The waiting it killing me also! I do have my scan scheduled for April 13th ill be right at 18wks! Why are they making you wait so long???

1472934 tn?1327336950
by babycrazy113, Mar 27, 2011
My first appointment I was already almost nine weeks.  Then my second I was fourteen weeks.  The way they are scheduling me stinks!!  I haven't even gotten to see my regular doctor yet!  This next appointment will be with her finally.  The last doctor I saw barely gave me the time of day and didn't bother to order the ultrasound. :( I will be so disappointed if I can't get an appointment for it in April!!  I might have to snap on someone! :)  Don't screw around with the pregnant lady who wants her ultrasound appointment.  ha ha!

1347342 tn?1323183071
by kimmie232, Mar 27, 2011
Haha lol why don't u switch doctors? I'm super excited mine is almost here!

325224 tn?1342795914
by Jennie1178, Mar 28, 2011
I just met my delivering doctor last week and I was at 16 weeks.  Before then, it was all ultrasound techs and Nurses.  I have my appointment scheduled for the 18th of next month to find out the sex.  I'm pretty sure you and I are the same as far as how far along we are.  It's odd they are making you wait that long.

1472934 tn?1327336950
by babycrazy113, Mar 28, 2011
I don't know why they didn't order the ultrasound to be scheduled when I was at my last appointment.  It's so frustrating.  I am thinking about calling them to see if they will order it so I can make my appointment.

647911 tn?1373314647
by nic374, Apr 05, 2011
my doctor saw me at weeks 16 on march 16 and now I will see him for my 20 week on the 11th of april which will give me a u/s

1472934 tn?1327336950
by babycrazy113, Apr 05, 2011
My office doesn't have ultrasounds.  The doctor has to order one, then I have to make my appointment in a different office!

1487763 tn?1360372413
by kayharris601, Apr 06, 2011
I'm not getting an ultrasound to determine the gender til I'm 25 weeks pregnant...I'm mad at that it should be that everyone get a 20 week ultrasound

1472934 tn?1327336950
by babycrazy113, Apr 06, 2011
25 Weeks!!!!  That is ridiculous.  I totally agree with you.  It is hard enough to wait this long.  

1648123 tn?1314752031
by nina1123, Apr 10, 2011
Well you know you can go to one of the ultrasound places where they do the 3D ultrasound and just get a gender determination... just a suggestion....because I couldn't wait...hee hee

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