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This new year is worthless.

Mar 28, 2011 - 0 comments

new year







First I got in trouble at work. I'm on "probation".
Second my 6 month old kitten got picked up by someone maybe animal control. Ever since I got him even though I told my mother and grandmother not to let him out they did until even I couldn't stop him from wanting to go outside. I paid around $200 dollars to get him out and made an appointment for the next week to get him fixed. I told my mother not to let him out. The very morning of the surgery she let him out. I sleep until around 1-3 pm most days since I'm just too tired to wake up which always gave my mother and grandmother an opportunity to kick my cat outside. Usually when my Meowser is outside he is gone for 3-4 days. But it has been about two months since I've seen him and my mom and grandmother don't care that it's killing me and that I cry over him. My mom is so cold when she just keeps telling me to get another kitten. So If I die soon I hope she feels the same about me as I do for my lost kitten. But I bet she won't.

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