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fed up with my thyroid

Sep 15, 2008 - 2 comments

I seemed to be ill for years, when i was first was told i had a overactive thyroid i was glad in away because they found something wrong with me because i thought i was going mad. I greed to have the radioactive iodine treatment in febuary this year. My TSH blood level was showing 100> I felt terrible they increase my meds the TSH came down by half they increased my meds again. Then I sarted with eye problems my weight gained by 4 stone, my endo told me that my eyes could be due to when i was hyper but i read up on it and it says that the radioactive iodine treatment. My TSH level is now 5.36 they have come right down now endo has increase my meds again, Iam frightened of going hyper again and the dr just turned round again if it happens it happens its allright for him he doesnt have to live with it. according to him he also says my weight has nothing to do with being hypo it could anything (its funny it didnt go on till i started being ill will my thyroid. Iam going for a second opinon next month see if that any better. I need to feel human again my depression went worse when i went hyper, self esstem, no confidence and my weight gain will there be and end to this.

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by stella5349, Sep 15, 2008
I found recovering from RAI was alot more intense than what they said - Actually it took a year for me to even feel like it was leaving my body - May not be true - but that's how I felt.

My body changed so much in 4 yrs until I finally felt better.  Sore buring tongue - no tast or smell - weight gain - depression - many - many other things.

Yes there will be an end - for me - I still am not the same person I was - but compared to he// I am better than I was

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by Lynn1968, Sep 15, 2008
To Stella, Thanks for answering my journal, Iam just so fed up with it all Iam not the same person any more, my body has changed so much, have you lost weight now. Lynn

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