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Racing Thoughts

Mar 29, 2011 - 0 comments

racing thoughts





I couldn't tell ya why but I'm having lots of problems with racing thoughts tonight.  A few days ago, we took the dogs to get groomed and Snoop had swelling underneath his eye.  They had to squeeze the fluid out of the swelling and flushed it with peroxide.  Needless to say, Snoop went to the vet and they gave us some anti-biotics and told us if it didn't work, it was probably a problem with his tooth.  So much earlier today, I saw him at the door wagging his tail and looked at his face.  his eye was swollen.. I had never actually seen it swollen like that before today.  Didn't really worry about it all day because daddy's been giving him his anti-biotics and I felt like I have to give it more than a couple of days to work.  As soon as it was time to roll over and get some sleep, I started to worry about him.  I googled this eye problem called carnassial abscess.  Its when a root in the dog's upper molar tooth can become infected and it caused swelling underneath the eye.  The only way to cure it is to remove the tooth, which can cost anywhere from $100-$600 (as estimated on the net).  That would pretty much be most, if not all of what I have left in my bank account.   So why did those thoughts pop up in the middle of the night?

Looks like Sherita and Janna both bailed on me with the "tattoo for my birthday" idea.  Looks like I'm gonna be alone on my birthday.... again.  I'm on vacation but of course its gonna be cold and rainy all week.  I'm okay most of the time, just having alot of problems tonight.  Got my hair done this morning and its cute.  Played with the kids and just chilled over my bro's house.  I just can't pinpoint what I'm stressing about.  I just feel alone.... but nothing's new about that. And I can't stop these ****** thoughts.  Lunesta here I come.

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