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Mar 29, 2011 - 0 comments

last night I cried like a baby while watching army wives. I had major leg cramps in both my legs. today my back is killing me and im having twingy feelings in my right lower belly. this is making me so obsessed, I went back through my tracker to last year june/ july and noticed that between my may 19th period and my blood pregnancy test bfp july 15th I had one period and it was brown discharge. was I pregnant in june and not know it. I didnt take a test maybe I thought I wasnt cuz who knows why. maybe the hcg doesnt go to my urine very easiely. I know in june I woke up throwing up one morning and had a fever of 99.99 I just thought I was sick cuz my nephew was sick and I was watching him. I dont know this is bugging me...

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