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Surgery Date tomorrow

Sep 15, 2008 - 8 comments

Well Dave goes in for his hernia surgery tomorrow -  he is 3rd on the list so should be going down about 11ish... we had hoped he would be first but 3rd is not too bad..he has to be on the ward for 8am. Hopefully he has a side room.

I think I have prepared for every eventuality -  I have bought him new pens and colouring books, new DVD's and CD's new bright coloured straws / flappers... new clothes to come out with. I have soooooo much food and crisps and chocolate I feel like I could open a sweet shop lol. I have 2 DVD [players charged up and ready to go so he can watch one while one is charging, I have loads of batteries for his CD player -  we have big headphones, small headphones, long lead headphones, short lead headphones....

Two members of staff are coming with us to help in the anesthetic room, he will need to be restrained while they put the mask on -  he wont like that bit at all - and then he will need restraining when he comes round fromt eh anesthetic to keep him from racing up and splitting open the stitches. Once he is round and calmer one member of staff will go back to college and one wills tay with us till 7pm when another member of staff will come to stay with us through the night-  Dave only ever sleeps 3 hours a night so we fully expect him to stay awake all night and be pretty hyper and anxious... new sourroundigs and countless possabilities for behaviours with new people watching him!

because of his heart they want 24 hour ecg read outs before he can be released.... That is going to be quite a challenge as he does not do being still very well... hense the CD player, DVD Player, Colouring things and food -  bribes.... to stay in bed.....

I am very anxious about the whole thing but at least it is here now and we can face it head on - it has been 16 weeks since he developed the hernia and countless appointments.....

So my diet and activity will go out the window for 2 days and then I will get control again...

Thank you to everyone here who has offered me support and friendship.

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by 1nana, Sep 15, 2008

My thoughts and prayers are with you during this trying time.

449672 tn?1398398407
by jeh57, Sep 15, 2008
Helen...............Thinking of you and praying that all goes well with Dave.....He is very blessed to have you as a loving mother.

408291 tn?1238236611
by twinkle36, Sep 16, 2008
You;re such a stong woman, and so very organised.  You son is so lucky to have you as his mom I hope the surgery and aftercare go well.  Thinking of you both x

172023 tn?1334675884
by peekawho, Sep 16, 2008
I hope everything goes smoothly and well.  I think of you often, and hope things get back to normal for you soon.  Many hugs from old Peek.

579258 tn?1250652943
by Ranaesheart, Sep 16, 2008
Helen ~ You and David have been on my mind throughout the day.  You have prepared so well and the depth of your love is shown in every detail you have made.  Am soooo glad to hear others will be there to assist and perhaps the lingering effects of the anesthesia will help David relax.

Know this is most stressful and hope you are able to find a little time to relax and regenerate.  Many hugs across the miles ... and wishes for an uneventful and speedy recovery.  


165308 tn?1323190145
by suzi-q, Sep 16, 2008
My prayers are with you.....wishing you the best of everything tomorrow....Suzi

428506 tn?1296560999
by wonko, Sep 16, 2008
It sounds great how you've arranged for some favorites and comforting things for afterward.  I hope the end result brings him more comfort.

Focus on your family and take care, we're all hoping for the best!

597160 tn?1254502507
by molyba, Sep 17, 2008
You are in my prayers as well, please let us know as soon as possible how things went?    

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