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My Update and how I am feeling

Mar 30, 2011 - 0 comments

Hey it's been awhile agian. So let me see. So far family is ok. So no problems there with them at this time. Allthough last month my uncle was sick and was in the hospital. He is ok now. So I was busy with that. I know I had some anxiety when all that was going on but my friends helped me to feel better. So that is the last major lousy thing that happened. Right now everything is ok in that department. Then about two weeks ago I was feelinmg sick of course it triggured my anxiety. Seems like lately it has been much worse then it usualy is. Oh and also I have been having anger issues lately. I dont really know what's trigguring it. I guess it is my bipolar or anxiety acting up because I have no reason to be in a groucht mood. I mean things ain't great but it could be worse. So I should be ok but I am not. I think I made one of my friends mad when I got in one of my moods. So now I feel crummy for that as well. As for today I pretty much been on the computer all day. I might go out later somewhere but I am not sure. I'm sorta moody now so I'm a bit afraid I might say something wrong agian. I'm not like really mad just some but it might turn into another anger fit and I don't want that to happen at all. Last thing I need is to make another person mad at me. I told my mom how I have been feeling. She just brushed it off pretty much. So I don't know why I even try to talk to anyone about all this. It feels pointless at times. I don't know it's like sometimes she will listen and be supportive but othertimes she doesn't want to listen. Of course the problem is I never know which way she will act. So I wish I could talk to her only when she is supportive to save the bad parts of it from going on but I have no way of knowing how she will react because when she is not like this she can be really good to talk to. The times she is I end up feeling frustrated and upset cause no one seems to care. So I guess overall I am ok because I am kind of mad and annoyed but at the same time I am actually not to bad. I thought I would react a lot worse and it could get worse later today which is why I dont think I should go out. Still if I stay home I need to find something to do to get me busy. So I don't think about things. Plus I am worried my friend don't want to talk to me anymore but I know she more and likely will because she knows how I get sometimes. So this is what has been going on lately. I would say I will write soon but I never know when my life will become super busy agian. So I will try to be on here once in awhile if things pick up agian because I do like coming here but sometimes things are going on and I don't have time. So I will write agian sometime. For now Take Care,

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