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Mar 30, 2011 - 0 comments






I went from feeling very good to suddenly feeling like I was going to pass out. I'd taken my relafen, plaquenil and a whole tramadol around 12:30. It was the first tramadol I'd had in about two weeks. No problem until around 3pm. I was at a store and felt things getting gray, my face felt cold. Made it to the car, sat there for a few minutes. Drove over to MCDs and got a small fry and water, thinking maybe it was my blood sugar. Ate a few fries. Sat...finally went home. The gray, passing out feeling lasted for about an hour. Then I became horrendously nauseaus around 6pm. The kind you have to close your eyes and not speak. Lasted unrelenting until 10:30, took some Pepto B, within 30 minutes had eased enough to go to bed. This morning, stomach pain, intestines feel quezy. Haven't had anything to eat or drink since 3pm yesterday. 6pm still unwell. The only times I've had the horrendous nausea before was when I tried to take tramadol or codein. Think the Tram may have been involved.

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