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too tired...craving that "normal" feeling... just complaining.

Sep 15, 2008 - 9 comments



Pseudotumor cerebri

Everyday I wake up I feel like I havent slept in days, no amount of coffee or multi vitamin will help. Just in a monatone, emotionless mood! I just woke up wishing I could not feel as if I am dragging myself threw the day. At some point or another I guess it is normal to get upset when it is hard to do normal, little daily activitys, which are not so hard for people who are not like you. I am guessing my emotional state is a mess due to the pregnancy and what not but for some reason I am just in a self lothing self pitty mood for the day. Are all of you this tierd all the time?

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by TimmyVD, Sep 15, 2008
oh please! I know just what you are talking about. Some days it is so difficult for me to get out of bed and continue on like the day is normal. I think it's like you said...we can't expect everyday to be a walk in the park. I am 7 months pregnant myself and everyday is different. Thankfully I woke up today with some engery. usually it's ZERO...last week was unbearable. I know the worst is yet to come (third trimester usually isnt a picnic). hang in there :-)

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by bethaniet586, Sep 15, 2008
I wish my fatigue was pregnancy related only. lol That I can deal with!

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by medchick0523, Sep 15, 2008
I understand what you mean,... I know you're not on pain medications, but every morning I wake up feeling like I've drank several margaritas too many!! lol. Even when I wasn't on pain medication it was like that though. Are you drinking enough water, or other fluids? For both the IH and pregnancy. Tomorrow will be better. *hugs*

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by mamita00, Sep 15, 2008
Who said margaritas?! Sounds gooood! If only...

Samantha's right, ya know. Tomorrow's going to be warmer and less pressure from the hurricane so hopefully(fingers and toes crossed) less pressure on us. Moods and otherwise :)

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by rosemary67, Sep 15, 2008
My heart goes to the pregnant friends over here, i have no energy when i get up in the morning, feel like i have not slept any. Neither does my husband understand all of my problems. I wish a little bit of help and sometimes comassion may make things some easier. Today I cannot move my right shoulder atall, i think I have PTC do you think thses two things have any relations what so ever.

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by bethaniet586, Sep 15, 2008
fatigue is defantly a ptc thing, but shoulder thing is different, I had pain in my shoulder area but I could move it hmmm I wonder!?!?

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by Cath278, Sep 15, 2008
A world that is not filled with exhaustion, pain. worry. drs and hospitals,ever changing  symptoms,.... I think I remember that...Is it any wonder we get down in the dumps? My new "therapy" is music with a capital M! First I put on the saddest music I can find till I cry and then a bit more cheerful till the grande finale,Dance music, fast dance music! Other wise I feel my self  falling apart and like Humpty Dumpty and I cant put myself  together again.It scares me sometimes and I have enough **** to deal with already!
But to answer your question, Yes Im tired, all the time. Like nothing Ive felt before. Not even durning two pregnacies! That is the worst bit I think. It stops you even trying to help yourself. The tiredness not the pregnacy! Oh! to wake up and not be tired!
Just one more thing beth, When i was in labour with my lovely girl, 25 yrs ago, my Mom was with me, helping. I told her I was going to die from the pain and couldnt do any more.Listen up she said, this is the only pain in the world that is productive! Very soon  you will have a beautiful baby in your arms and all that pain will have been worth it.Try and keep that in mind when you get down. You are doing just fabulose!!! And you have earned the right to moan  but ,Beautiful baby on the way!Cath.

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by medchick0523, Sep 15, 2008
The weather really has sucked the last couple of days, I didn't think the rain would ever stop! Sunday I was helping a friend move.. holy wet! I don't know about you ladies, but I definitely notice a dip in barometric pressure. This last weekend was miserable no doubt.

Yes, Kim, I said margaritas!! :) Gosh, tequila makes me so sick though. It's worth it sometimes. Hopefully we'll get to see the sun tomorrow!

Music is great therapy. I was watching something on TV the other day, and there have been studies that have proven music is an effective treatment for depression.

Take it easy girls, enjoy your week!


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by mamita00, Sep 16, 2008
Funny that you guys have mentioned music. Music is my sanity, one of my centers. I absolutely love Josh Groban and I listen to him just about daily to keep me centered. I use my MP3 at night when they're really bad. Relaxation comes and my mind can re-focus. Also I buy myself something when I really feel blah. Doesn't have to be big. Let me tell you, I've gotten ecstatic that I bought myself a pop. I just never do things like that for myself. It's kids/husband. Do something for you, be self-centered.

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