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since i have seen girls doing this i will too lol 25 things about me

Mar 31, 2011 - 2 comments

1. I have to have all my can goods and boxes in the cabanets faceing me.

2. I f John Cena came around I would probley be divorced lmao.

3.I am terrified of frogs. I will scream like a baby and hurt someone over a frog

4. I do not like animals lol. they are cute but not for me.

5. I am a big fan of 16 and pregnant and teen mom. wish they would do more girls on teen mom.

6. I forgive way to much. I let people walk over me

7. I love Fall. I think the leaves falling and the cool weather is great.

8. I want to finish cosmetolgy school and open my own shop.

9. I have panic disorder.

10.I hate when basketball is on because i have to watch it with my husband.

11. I do not Have a mom. So i had to learn to be a mom on my own.

12. I am trying to learn portuguese so i can talk to dh's family lol

13 I hate people who lie. I can not stand a lie. big or small

14. I miss sleeping all the time lol

15. my phone is my right hand lol. i always have it with me

16. I hate being away from my hubby.

17. I hate big groups of people.

18. DH and are complete opposites but it seems to work!

19. there is nothing in this world i wouldent do for my girls.

20. I sorta want to have another baby but no one knew intill now lol

21. I love shopping o amazon now.

22. I need to work out alot

23. i cant wait to go to brazil to visit our family

24. my 2 best friends in the world, i met online lol but we know each other for who we are.

25. and one that no one knows about me...I gave my son up for adoption when i was 18. Man that feels good to get out.  was to young to be a mom and could not raise him. But family has him yay.

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719902 tn?1334168783
by jenkaye21, Mar 31, 2011
LoL @ #3-- I am terrrified of toads, I mean deathly afraid.  If one touched me I would surely die. :)

Ditto on #18, too.

1211118 tn?1366763553
by katsmommy, Mar 31, 2011
girl my dh pretended he threw one of those slimy little green frogs at me and i ran down the street stripping. and crying like a baby lmao. Girl i thought i was to have a heart attack and him and his friends got a good laugh

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