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Messing with my head:

Mar 31, 2011 - 0 comments

Feeling urmm... a little down. Alot is going on at the moment an I'm not too sure on what to do with myself. Yes I'm only 17, my boyfriend invited himself to come and live with me moving 100 miles from his mom (who is ill with cancer). I have been with him for 7 months and in the past month hes become violent and agressive. Hitting things, head butting things, throwing things at me, pulling, grabbing and pushing me. Last week I sent him home (a very good desision, I think) Here's where it becomes even more complicated... I was 3 and a half weeks late on my period, I'm bleeding at the moment but it doesn't feel like a period. We have had unprotected sex and with this along with extreme mood swings, needing to urinate more, wanting to crumble lemon drizzle cake into crunchy nut and at 5:40am wanting to go next door to my parents are make it and finally feeling generally different I am thinking it's time to do a pregnancy test :/
This is made hard by living out of the way and the nearest shops being an hours walk. My older friend (in her 20's)  has 2 (nurly 3 and 7 weeks old) children has helped massivly (understands the violent boyfriend situation) and hopes to get me a test when she is next out.
Oh did I mention I don't speak to my parents about ANYTHING. There not the most understanding of people and they have a lot on their minds as it is, when I know if I am pregnant for sure, I will let them know but for now I'm dealing with this with selected friends.
I have really bad stomache ache right now so will continue this another time :/
Love, Hugs, Peace and Smiles

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