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One down.....

Apr 01, 2011 - 1 comments





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ok so it's one week down, one to go. Have been reading lots of people testing this early and getting BFP, i'm soooooo very tempted but i think if i do i'll only get my hopes up and if it doesn't show me what i want it to show i'll be devistated.
I'm ment to be having the girls over tonight for a wine and nibbles night which i planed ages ago, completely forgot untill a freinds just txt me, i've cancled it now and just gonna have my 2 girlfriends that know what im going through that whay i wont get questions thrown at me about not drinking. -
see thats another reason i think i shouldn't test yet as if it comes back negative i might be inclined to have a drink or two tonight!!>
I will remain possitive and just stick to having a cuppa Tea and test next week when im ment to.

Also still having niggley pains on left side, can't work out what it is, trapped wind maybe!!??

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by Kimberleigh2208, Apr 01, 2011
I know where you are right now girl. I have had 6 rounds of Clomid (all failed, no miscarriages though either) and I just had my first IUI on Tuesday, March 29th.  I'm only down about 3 days so think about how far you've come!  :)  I pray everything goes well for you -- this is your first baby you're trying for, right?  This is our first child as well and I'm your same age and we've been properly trying for over 3 years now.  Good luck to you and here's to hoping for a positive BFP!!!!  -- Kimberleigh

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