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Sep 15, 2008 - 4 comments

Woke up doubting a little bit..trying to shake the negativity..and my own negativit...still feel like everyone is lying to me..but I still let the truth fly no matter what.

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by monkeyc, Sep 18, 2008
Normal feelings, they will get easier.  I had a lot of days like these and some days are still like these, i felt like everyone was lying to me and was against me and i was great at conspiracies.  Its ok to feel like this, it will get better, trust someone who has been there it does.

keep your chin up.

592278 tn?1235661287
by RichReligion, Sep 18, 2008
For real...I feel that all I need is someone who could be truthful, no matter how harsh...Ima real type of dude who love to hear the truth and doesn't become offended...I know i'm noid and trippin, but damn ask me questions before you politic with whom ever behind my back...conspiracies!!!That's what they say, "You alway think it's a conspiracy"...But, it is as long as they would talk to each other about me instead of talkin to me. Its harder when you're alone. "keep your cheen up"!!! no doubt.

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by cowgirlnerd, Sep 18, 2008
I love it when they talk around you like you are invisible and can't hear them.  "What should we do about her?"  

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by RichReligion, Nov 22, 2008
cowgirl. We just have to shine, no matter what. Get yourself together and prove them wrong.

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