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Not sure about this!!???

Apr 03, 2011 - 1 comments



Not sure







So last night i was ment to have an early night as for the 1st time in 4 ever i had an early shift at work. But of course i couldn't sleep, kept going over and over in my head about doing a test, should i.....shouldn't i!!??. Then the Pub closed and had the drunks shouting and bailing outside as they past, Sam then fell asleep on the sofa and started to snore, it was like a bloody train going by and wasn't in even in the same room!!.
So i layed in bed around 1am not being able to block out the noise and unable to switch off so i went online, watch some tv and finally fell asleep around 3-3:30am. Finally my alarm went off at 6am and the first thought was to test!!. Ahhhh these flipping thoughts just wont go away. So i did..................


I'm only 10dpO and 9dpIUI so i know its still early days. I stared at that blasted stick for what seemed like hours, willing to be able to see even the fainest of lines, but nothing.
I'm hoping it's just because it's too early. I'm going to test again at the weekend, (the actual time i was ment to).

I still feel 'off', still keep getting twinges from time to time and still have 'symptoms' - I know from the last time i had the same, Sore boobs, Bloated, Mood swings, Tiredness, but i know that comes from the Progesterone But i don't know, somehow i feel different. Like ..... i can't really decribe it... Like, well just different inside!.

I just hope it's not all in my mind and because things were going so well at the begining with Sam's 'swimmers' being a better grade and having billions more in the count, plus getting a possive OPK the day before getting inseminated. Everything was going to 'plan'!!

So as i keep saying, only time will tell.

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by JessWishes2, Apr 03, 2011
Got, it, i know how i feel = FULL. like i've eaten way too much but know i could quite happily eat a huge box meal from KFC!!. I'm terribily gasy, keep belching, Boobs are sore from time to time, mainly when i take my bra off. I just feel uncompfy. Hope that makes sence!! - No feeling sicky though so must just be side effects.....

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