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Sep 15, 2008 - 4 comments




Death offers up its sweet nectar like a virgin on her wedding night.
Painful at first and then mmm you start to feel the pleasure Letting it consume you, all of you.
Death wraps its arm around  you holding you tight
Taking away the fear and the pain
Telling you that it is ok, let yourself go
Then finally you climax
With your final breath
You are free
Oh death you are sweet 

I wrote this when I very depressed. I had just tried to kill myself because I could not except my past. The hurt was so great that death seemed to be my only way out. I was happy about having an option.But it was never truly and option.I just wanted the pain to stop.I wanted to stop thinking, stop thinking about everything and everyone. This poem takes something that is suppose to be one of the most special things in life and compares it to one of the worst things in life. The pain of someone taking something so special and making it so awful.

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621498 tn?1221576201
by sphinx72, Sep 16, 2008
Wow that exactly how I feel everyday  being depressed and not wanting to live anymore cause at the end I wont have anything  in my life no one will except me and jobs will be hard to get so why live when there is a stop in your life and no where to go with it . I have a great heart and love my family but Im done with the pain I feel day by day as it kills mee inside an and life will end soon and not hav any worries anymore .... So I totally feel your feelings . Sorry dont want  you down cause of me and what I feel but is there a way out I ask?

460185 tn?1326077772
by lonewolf07, Sep 16, 2008
Like so many other Native Indians I am too familiar with suicide.  I've tried it and exist with suicidal feelings almost all the time but hide them for the most part.  Don't have to be Native to feel suicidal.  It's just my twisted way of saying I can relate to what you're saying and identify with it so much.  But I don't want you to commit suicide.  Is that hypocritical?  Maybe.

The world would not be a better place without you in it - or sphinx either.

Hugs if you want them


620248 tn?1221473425
by 1989, Sep 16, 2008
I know at one time or another we have all thought about suicide and wanted to end it all. But it it is truly not the answer. i know the pain of life can be overwhelming.God how know that. But if we take our lives not only will we be taking our lives but so many others. The pain will stop, the hurt will lessen.

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by dasha71, Sep 16, 2008
salut et a votre sante...wolf, sphinx and poem... by the way-that was french for 'greetings comrade and to your health'- the latter part being what you say [in any tongue] when you clink glasses of spirit-ous-or spirit-less{depending on yr. alcoh. status- i've been both} drink ...shii-te! this is getting long!.. it's just that i have to say hi and **** the great big fists we/WE hurt ourselves with every-EVERY-day. don't know anything for certain...'cept one or two things/ one or two kindred spirits, much less y'all-- however, via my isolated, far-flung, peripatetic, self-medicated, self-injurious, ******-up modus operandi, and via the long [web] search i started tonite for documents on "rates of infection amongst sex workers" to prove something i know to a friend with 'screwed' issues- i found yr 3 posts... and i have to give thanks for crossing others who in the after midnight of 15/09/08 were grasping sinewed fists towards hope. it was my 37th B-day this nite and none of my intensive research nor NA meditations nor phonecalls to the one friend can smother the fact that i'm as hopeless and/ or suicidal as the day i was born or my 7th or 23rd yr. ... live as u breathe, the word hope is tattoeed within a metaphor on my left arm, yet i feel somewhat the guilt of its emptiness as a notion which has use... mais, comme j'ai dit...vives comme tu leves, pour toi-meme et pour nous autres qui continuer. xoxoxo. d.

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