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im growing

Apr 04, 2011 - 3 comments

so ive put on weight and outgrown some of my newb orn clothes, but i get terrible pains in my tummy. they come in spasms and i hold onto mummy as hard as i can. mummy gives me a massage and i now have some yucky medicine too. we `sleep` downstairs as i wake my brother and sisters up and poor daddy has to get up for work early.
im now in fabric nappies and mummy says things will be better soon xx

Baby Taylor Rose
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1650006 tn?1333909714
by JessWishes2, Apr 04, 2011
Ahhh this is soooo cute, lol.
Poor little thing, Hope she feels better soon.

1255151 tn?1413891826
by rbohl01, Apr 05, 2011
awwwh i am sorry she has tummy troubles, I hope things get better soon =)

1382355 tn?1372530675
by BabyDreamin88, Apr 05, 2011
Awhhh, hope she feels better soon :)

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