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vertigo!!!!...DIZZINESS GO AWAY!

Apr 04, 2011 - 0 comments

so i have been really dizzy for about 6 weeks now...went to dr did bloodwork, all came back normal.....started taking sea sick meds and that helped. ...told me to  go see a neurologist get MRI without even saying anything about ear infection or allergies

went back to dr, she said she "see's" some kinda linging in my ear, and said i have allergies gave me nasonex nasal spray for allergies and said if something wrong with my ear that will help as well.....helped for a few days but the dizziness came back.....

went to ER 2few days ago cause the dizziness was just so bad, nausea....horrible....they did cat scan of brain and sinuses...everything came back fine.....discharged me with some meclizine for the dizziness....which helps ALOT!

today i went to and ENT....looked in ear, nose and throat (obvisously! nasal passage seemed a little inflammed, but other then that everything looked good...said its vertigo,(the internet told me that without paying him to do so!) now i guess just need to figure out weather it has to do with my he called for and ENG (dizzy test), allergy test and hearing  test.......

has anyone had to deal with this?.....vertigo *****!!!...... what should i expect from the ENG test, he said have someone drive me cause i will be very dizzy after, he said they will put some kind of goggles on and put me in different positions...... im just nervous they arent going to find something with all this testing..... kinda nervous...would just like some input from someone who has been there done this.....

ugggg so annoying almost never want to go anywhere cause i almost know i will be dizzy.....HELP!

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