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How to care for a newly sutured wound

Jan 17, 2008 - 0 comments














You don't have to worry so much if you carefully follow your ER doc's instructions which they gave you before leaving, that sheet should have instructions that are similar to those that I give to patients who are stitched by me:
- no further cleaning, no peroxide, alcohol
- keep covered for 1st two days
- don't vigorously clean the wound since the body lays down cells to heal the wound
- sun protection is important not only for scarring but for coloration
- watching for infection (red, warm, tender, pink streaking away from wound) and coming in for treatment right away if an infection happens, can reduce the risk of scarring

If a scar happens, then a plastic surgeon sometimes is able to help.  Unfortunately, some people are more prone to develop large scars from relatively small injuries, and these people would not be good candidates for surgical revision since the result would be worse than before.

Scarring is possible with all wounds, but with care, the risk can be reduced.  Many patients ask me about aloe vera or Vitamin E and I haven't found good evidence for their use.

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