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Food Aversions & kicking!

Apr 05, 2011 - 0 comments

food aversion


fetal movement

Today as I woke up this morning I wasn't planning on eating anything out of the ordinary. I was WRONG! I went in my kitchen looked around and all of a sudden had a craving for . . READY. . . a ham, cheese, mayo and caramelized onion sandwich. Talk about WOW! Now with that being said I'm only wondering what's on today's menu later for dinner. Aside from that being 9 weeks, I have feeling of a light fluttering in my left side of my belly. My husband tells me it's just gas and doesn't believe me when I say, "Really, it's the baby!". This is my 3rd child and I'm feeling different. I'm really in tune with my body and more alert as to how my body is changing, things I'm eating, working out and baby movements. I guess time will tell how much more I feel the baby move until my next appointment next week.

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