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Pink discharge is back

Apr 06, 2011 - 2 comments

Im so exhausted this emotional roller coaster is consuming my life and I JUST WANT IT BACK! Im so tired of being anxious each time I go to the restroom wondering will thiis be it. I know its not in my hands so WHY AM I CONSTANTLY STRESSNG? Pregnancy is supposed to be a joyous time not a time to be filled with worry and doubt and I cant enjoy because Im worried out of my mnd. I truly think I need HELP!

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by jaivonna, Apr 07, 2011
Don't get discouraged. The devil is a liar. I have spotting going on as well. It was really faint pink and now brown. My doctor said it is my body adjusting because I just missed my period last weekend. Keep praying and keep ur mind focused on good things. I'm praying for u. Everything will be fine.

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by carebear1805, Apr 07, 2011
I know its hard to calm down, but worry and stress is not good for your pregnancy. I also had some spotting and freaked out but you just got to try to stay positive the best you can. God bless and Good luck with everything i,m sure everything will be fine!!

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