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I'm both worried and excited about today

Apr 07, 2011 - 0 comments










A few days ago my mom has said I can get a kitten. I still feel sick and i miss my cat. Just a little background. I got a kitten  and I had him for about 6 months or a littel less. My mom and grandma kept tossing him outside and in doing that trained him to be an outside cat. I was angry but I couldn't change his behavior after he got older. Then on the day I was to get him fixed I told my mom not to let him out but she did and I haven't seen him since. I'm still heartbroken and my mom nor my grandma who I refer to as a B**ch seem to care. My mom actually pretty coldly told me to forget him and get another kitten. It's been at least two months maybe a little longer. Now I'm afraid my mom will change her mind about letting me have kittens despite me paying rent too I never have a choice about stuff I want to have in the apartment including pets. But I am determined to get a kitten and I will get a male which is why I'm both excited but worried. My mom is constantly changing her mind. She never can make up her mind and has mood swings. I'm sick and tired  of her attitude towards me. I haven't spoken to her in about two or three months even though we live in the same house. Same as my grandma we are not on speaking terms. I don't know what will happen today. Either I'll get the kitten or not but I will have a kitten sooner or later.

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