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  In my mind

Apr 08, 2011 - 2 comments
















Our minds have a way of knowing,

Sometimes we forget for very good reasons,

When we've humbly hit, our very own "mental over load"!

Memories often come, and shall soon fade away,

Before the dawn of a brand new day.

Waking from sleep, Alarmed and confused,

Knowing in your heart, It's all about to start!

The longing I feel, This hole in my heart,

Grows bigger and larger, tearing me apart!

I feel great confusion, Making me so damn irate,

Asking God Almighty, "Why didn't you take  me away instead?"

This is way too  early-So soon for her to departure.

I'm down on my knees sobbing and praying,

Asking, desperately pleading, "Please God, show me the way?"

To find some comfort and peace, to feel it inside of  this heart.

This, A broken shattered heart, that has started to hate!

Please fill this hole, for my soul is truly  lacking gentle calm peace.

If only someone can tell me, Why he didn't take me instead?

Nearly shouting my prayers to God,

"Please God won't you  show me a way to simply cope??"

To find some comfort and peace deep in my soul.

My broken shattered heart, That's now  started to hate!  

Please fill this hole, for my soul is really oozing from it.

Leaving me drained and empty,with no more strength to go on.

If only someone can tell me, Why he didn't take me instead,

Some soothing great comfort, would surely find me  I pray!

Please tend and mend me, this broken, bruised up  heart.....

For the love and the Memory, Of my beautiful daughter Hope.

Never oh never, let her laughter fade away,And always remember

The love she had in Her tiny, yet little brave, young longer beating!

And I'd like to thank her for being, a part of my life....Amen!

Lost Hope...May i surrender?

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1653691 tn?1304459879
by Creampuffy, Apr 12, 2011
I was going to send a 'You're welcome' back to you when I spotted this and felt I needed to respond. I truely hope you will not feel that I am intruding on such a personal matter for that is not my intention and I hope you will forgive this old lady if I am.

Your words make me feel very sad as I have lost two people in the last few years who mean the world to me and I can relate at least a little to your feelings. It is a few years later now and the pain is not so intense but I do miss them very much.

Your question.......if only someone can tell me, Why he didn't take me instead, the answer....Jehovah didn't take your daughter, but He does promise a resurrection for ones such as she and many many others who haved lived and died. It is this promise that has helped me through my grief and given me peace in my heart.

If you would like to read about how I  and millions of others have come to feel and believe this to be true, you will find it at this site:


1653691 tn?1304459879
by Creampuffy, Apr 12, 2011
I am very sorry, I just learned that Medhelp does not allow religious discussions, I didn't know that was their policy or even if this qualifies as such.  

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