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Think i need to be committed!!!!

Apr 08, 2011 - 8 comments














Ok, i honestly think im going insaine.

I tested 8dpiui and 14dpiui and as you know got a BFN both times, started spotting 14dp, well very very early stages of spotting (TMI) There was a slight colour change on wipe, which got darker brown and a tiny bit was on linner. I then later when i went for a poop (sorry!, i know way TMI) there was a tincy tiny bit of very light pink on wipe (from front, not back!!) Then Last night had to wee about 3 times, Although i do pee more when AF due. But 'spotting' seemed to have reduced then on wipe there was just one little stringy bit of brown and nothing else.
I'm honestly going crazy, I KNOW i'm not pregnant, been here way too many times, I know it's just probably because of the progesterone which i was told not to stop until i get a proper bleed.
I'm even looking on here and google for people who have got a BFN this late, then a BFP after. AGHHHHHHHHH.

I just can't seem to let go of this one, i really don't understand why, i think because of the feeling completely different this time round, having almost EVERY PG symptoms, i think i'd subcoinciously convinced myself that i was!.
Right while i'm on here i'm gonna go pee now.................................................. Ok, peed and the tiniest bit of brown/pinky. Really don't know why i'm doin this to myself!.

Should i test again or just get over it and wait for AF to start properly!!?????
Why don't England do that Beta thing everyone ones always talking about. Hmmmmmm.

Not going to be able to relax now, this is worse then the TWW!!!

Ok just been on my original profile and looked back at last IUI. so last time Day 1 Light Flow, Day 19 IUI, Day 35 Medium flow. This time Day 1 Light Flow, Day 20 IUI, Today is Day 34, So going by that i should have full AF tomorrow or the next day!.

I'm gonna wait until monday. If, and thats a massive IF i don't come on properly i shall test again!!?

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1240856 tn?1333440354
by loved29, Apr 08, 2011
i know how you feel it's so hard waiting to see what happens. I'd wait a couple of days and test again. lots of love to you. xx

1590456 tn?1301566567
by tinaa007, Apr 08, 2011
u know what.. i m ttc since 3 years.. 2 years tried natural then 4 cycles of iui with injectables n then laproscopy ..Ovarian drilling in Feb 2011.. now trying since two months with iui cycles.. and each time i spotted 7th- 8th day post iui .. deep inside i was convinced that it must be implantation bleeding but later on it fails.. i was on progesterone supplements too..  i think its just ur body which is playing.. keep urself positive i will really pray hard that u get ur BFP this time but dont pay attention to these so called SYMPTOMS as its really heart breaking.. and drives u crazy..

1650006 tn?1333909714
by JessWishes2, Apr 08, 2011
It already has! lol. If i was spotting earlier in the cycle like 8 or 9dp then i'd be looking at it differently but it's 14dpo and spotting (although on and off), already had 2 BFN, so i know i'll come on properly soon. Spose im just hoping its wrong and im still in with with a shot.

Never mind. Onwards and upwards. Gonna wait for AF then booking straight in for round 3 of IUI.

1160986 tn?1486819725
by Hopefulcb, Apr 08, 2011
I agree with everyone!!! Hang in there and test again in a few days! You never know!!!

1647475 tn?1363137097
by Kimberleigh2208, Apr 09, 2011
I am not on progesterone but I know when I took Clomid at 100 mg, I always got my AF about a week or two later than when I wasn't taking Clomid.  (Even when I took 50 mg of Clomid, had no late AFs).  I know how crappy it is to be late and nothing good even come of it (except you don't have to spend the money for the next treatment quite so fast!).  Now I am taking Femara so we will see what (if anything) it does to my AF timing.  I'm 11 days past IUI so am thinking I'll wait until day 16 past IUI to test if I have no AF.  Who knows though but praying for BFPs for everyone this month!

1650006 tn?1333909714
by JessWishes2, Apr 10, 2011
Thanks Guys but AF reared her ugly head this morning. Never mind, i was expecting it so don't feel bad, Will be starting round 3 straight away so will go to the hospital monday to start.
_Kimberleigh2208, Luckly being from the UK we have the NHS here so don't have to pay just yet. In my region we get 4 free IUI's and 1 free IVF. i'll be starting 3rd IUI next. so still got a few chances yet. Good luck with ur IUI x

1647475 tn?1363137097
by Kimberleigh2208, Apr 10, 2011
JessWishes2 -- I am moving to the UK......    :)    Have a glass (or four) of wine and better luck next time -- at least it doesn't cost you any money yet!  Take care!

1650006 tn?1333909714
by JessWishes2, Apr 10, 2011
You should. I was joking with my friend saying i should move to London just for a year as they get 3 free IVF's!!!. Shocking how how many free goes you get goes on where you live!!. I know i should count my lucky stars that we get any free. How much is Clomid, IUI and IVF there??. Clomid i think is about six thousand pounds (not everone gets it for free, you have to qualify1st, goes on if you or your partner already have children living in your care, weight, health ect..), IUI i'm not sure but IVF is twelve thousand pounds!!.
The wine went down well, Had a glass of red with my dinner. Was lovely!! lol.

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