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visit with hep Doc, good news, and gotta laugh

Sep 16, 2008 - 3 comments












Well, it didn't start out so good, as I was getting ready to head out the door to my 10:20 appt, 30 minutes away in rain, the nurse called me and said I would have to reschedule since I was over 15 late for my 9:40 appt. If you are 15 minutes or more late they will reschedule you. This is the second time in a row there was a mis-communication about my appt. both times I had appointment cards given to me by them that stated a different time than they had on their computer. I explained again that my appt was for 10:20,  as was the last time, she said if I was on my way they would work me in. Thank you specialists. I left and hurried, but I couldn't find a parking space, then when I got to the office, no one was at the front desk, I was saw a note, the office manager was sick, to feel out the I don't feel like killing myself or anyone else questionnare. I called the heppers office number and got the office manager, told  her there was a mixup on my appt and I was here. The staff does not know the meaning of keeping everyone in the loop.
The nurse came out and said that the office manager said I was 15 minutes late and would have to reschedule, I explained that I actually had 2 minutes to spare according to my cell phone, plus I was in the office 5 minutes or so before calling her. The nurse said she would check, and work me in,  man I was on the irritable going off on someone edge. I chilled.
I let it go, saw Dr Schwartz and went over my blood work, I am negative viral load right now, after 4 weeks, which means instead of 50% chance of btb,(beating the beast).my chances had zoomed to 90%. with only a 10% chance of relapse. Woohoo, 40 weeks to go(any humble pie fans, 40 weeks in the hole).

She also said I was close but not within the thresholds of getting rescue drugs for my low WBC and platelet count.

Too make a long story longer, if I can deal with the sx for 40 more weeks, Woohoo!, Without killing myself or somebody.

Thanks everybody!

Peace and Health

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by NancyPF, Sep 16, 2008
Hey Headshop,

Congratulations.  That's wonderful news.  You are going to kick that beast in the arse.  Keep up the good work!!!

Yes, doctors can be extremely frustrating, can't they?


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by 122 Tactical Fighter Group, Sep 16, 2008
sorry that the pro's cant get a lttle more organized for you.

Humble Pie - 30 days in the hole.................smoking that red lebanese - - makes you weak in the knee's ............

At least the visit was worth it for the news. Strong congrats are in order for you!


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by aheart, Sep 16, 2008
Hooraaaay!! That's awesome news for ya headshop. Keep up the good fight!  aheart :)

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