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Saturday, April 9

Apr 09, 2011 - 1 comments

I feel lousy!
1. It was a bad idea to fast so soon. I should have had at least a month if not 2 of healthy eating behind me before I started.
2. On day 3 of the fast I developed a rash on my belly.
3. I came down with Laryngitis on day 4 of the fast. I broke it immediately my eating fruit, in small amounts spread out over the rest of the day. I felt stronger almost instantly. The Laryngitis still got worse.
4. I started pro-biotics.
5. Have used Clay on breast 4 times now. I place it on my lump, cover it with a pad, tape the edges so they don't leak, remove it in an hour. (if I have time I just sit in my undies with the clay on my boob and read)
6. Yesterday I developed a UTI. Tried the Alka-seltzer thing, but I think I was too far along for it to work. Had UTI anti-biotic on hand (albiet old) so I started it immediately.
7. This morning I was able to express LOTS of matter from my lump thru the original surgical site whole that never healed. This felt good. It already looks much better.
8. This morning I also noticed a strange hive like rash on my forearm. It doesn't itch, but it isn't going away either.
9. The sun is shineing again. The neighbors are out. Talking to people may make me feel better.
10. Thanks all for listening.

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by Mum2006, Apr 12, 2011
Hey Pandora....
        How are you feeling today dear......sorry to hear you had to go through a lot simultaneously. I think that clay stuff is really working for you.... I may give it a try soon. Continue to eat healthy and yeah good you gave up on that fasting. Hope you feel better soon. Take care and happy healing.

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