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Apr 10, 2011 - 2 comments

Well, my symptoms have been extremely tired, food cravings nothing to crazy and not too intense. I have a feeling i will be living off of meat cheese and mustard sandwich, plus pickles, fruit and potato salad. Other symptoms, frequently going to the ladies room, nausea mostly when i make food, (i am getting one of those swimmer nose plugs) Very emotional, lovey dovey, cry alot, sappy. Very crazy !! LOL But i try really hard to control it since we figured it was from a bun in the oven. We actually had STOPPED TRYING actively and were just using Clomid to get me ovulating for 3 months to see if I could continue to ovulate on my own when i stopped and for some reason we went a little haywire and (sorry TMI) were all over eachother.. Maybe due to hormones from ovulation? And wahlah, proof that when you stop trying you start getting PREGNANT!!!!!! Love the fact that i finally get to tell my 4 year old that yes she was right i have a baby in there! I am already showing! More than one??? I will try to post a picture soon! Oh yea, also my tatas got sore in the ...nipples first, then the rest of my tatas like a week later. Also no aversions, my first was nothing but aversions. YAY!

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by haz1104, Apr 10, 2011
BOY ur giving me SO much hope! I really hope I get mine too..
we're doing the same, bding every other day and using Clomid. no HCG trigger or injectables this month..
Im so excited for ur DD she's finally gonna get a lil sis or bro to play with!

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by RawCore, Apr 11, 2011
Hey dear, I am sooooooo happy for you. Many many congrats for the little pumpkin there! The first trimester mostly is a mess but then again there is no way around it ... keep sitting tight there it'd all pass after three months and then there would 6 months of happy pregoooooo! :D. But you already know that right! :)


Happy Pregnancy!

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