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O bleeding

Apr 11, 2011 - 9 comments






This has been an extremely difficult 24 hrs for me....

My hubby is feeling better and home from ER after a crazy kidney stone flare up. We are scheduled for a second follow up IUI today and he is insisting he is feeling fine, even good and is going through with it. I feel bad, but I also know I am just about to O.

I woke up at 3am with another dammm UTI, and it's killing me. I think the IUI's are causing them, as I got one last cycle just after IUI. Anyway, I was sitting on the toilet (sorry, TMI alert) for a while with bladder spasms, and when I wiped, it was the most cm I have ever seen in my life! Shortly after that on my second trip, I wiped and this time there was a small amount of bleeding.... Is this O bleed? I have read this can happen as estrogen drops and body is about to O, but never experienced it.

What a bummer that all this shyt is happening now that I finally got good follicle stimulation.

Keep me in your thoughts/prayers please. I really don't even know if having uti can cause hostile ph environment for sperm, but I am kinda thinking logically the answer is yes.

Thanks for all your kindness and support! I couldn't get through this stuff without you ladies!!

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1609417 tn?1389646378
by haz1104, Apr 11, 2011

aww I'm sorry ur going thru this at this time..wish I can b there to give u a biiiig hug ..
this TTC thing can b overly exhausting ...

I also got UTI AGAIN it sux really...and have the same worries but GOOD NEWS — ovulation spotting means extremely fertile!! u have to get this IUI done no matter what! hehe..

Ur Hubby is so sensitive he seems like an extremely nice guy who REALLY wants a baby lol..
I no my hubby wudn't have done it for a million dollars if he were in his shoe..haha

still didnt get my dark ++ line on the OPKs all faint ++ for almost 3 days confusing..

the massage today was amazing I was about to CRY too relaxing forgot how it feels like to b so relaxed and calm hehe..
they came home all dizzy and sleepy made myself a sand that turned 2b an amazing one hehe..and took a quick nap 30min give or

I really hope u feel good and thank u SO much for the birthday wishes..
ur gone thru a lot this past week buu i'm sure ull forget all about it once u get ur BFP!

BABY DUST ALL OVER U and praying that things get better SOON..


1405669 tn?1347571548
by wakejl, Apr 11, 2011
I hope this works for you--and you get your BFP very soon! Hope your DH is feeling better, too.

1217293 tn?1467357944
by Risa615, Apr 11, 2011
Cranberry juice will make you feel normal, sounds like you should drink some around doctor visits. It is good for all women to drink regularly. Hope you feel better soon!

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by echoecho9er, Apr 11, 2011
Ya it totally sounds like O bleeding. i've never had it either but its obviously a really good sign.
God that ***** that your poor DH is going through all this...of all the times for this to happen hey!! its like geez can't something just go smooth!!  I'm glad to hear he's feeling better and can at least do the IUI today. Poor guy! But you're right, you're O'ing and you don't have a choice, this could be it right!!!!  All the best of luck to you and DH. At least once this is over, you can get back to taking care of each other with the darn UTI and your poor hubby's kidney stones. After all this you soooo deserve your BFP, and I can't wait to see you post it : )   Go get it girl!!!!!!  

1571146 tn?1399913292
by Moma_Cher, Apr 11, 2011
I just got horrible news.. DH called and said he couldn't produce a sample. He was FILLED with narcotics yesterday and it has obviously effected him. I feel horrible for him, he is so upset. I told him it was okay and to just come home, but he is insisting on taking a break and trying one more time.

If we can get through this, we better well get a BFP or I will be MADD as HELL!

My poor poor hubby..... Nobody deserves to go through this. He is a really good man, sometimes it makes me feel like a bad person because he will do anything for me... I feel awful for letting him go in.

He tells me that from his perspective he has it easy, even going through this, that if we do get pregnant that I will be the one carrying the baby(s) and delivering, and that I have to go through poking prodding and stirrups to get there, lol. I guess he has a point now that I write that out, hehee. Still, my heart is aching for him now.

Please God, let this work!!!!

1105753 tn?1374290948
by mjmom69, Apr 11, 2011
Poor guy. I hope you both feel better. I went thru a time while TTC that I was getting a UTI ever month! It was horrible. Your husband is right, you are going thru alot too. I know how you feel though, my DH has done the BD with me with a fever just because he didn't want to waste a cycle! What would we do without them! I so hope this works for you. Good luck and I'll keep you in my prayers.

1386655 tn?1452100656
by journey2motherhood, Apr 12, 2011
awww I'm sorry you both have to go through this.  Your dh is a keeper!  I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.  Hang in there dear!

1405669 tn?1347571548
by wakejl, Apr 12, 2011
Sorry to hear this news. But I am so impressed by your dh--what a trooper! If you are both so motivated, you will achieve your baby dreams, one way or the other. On to next month....and hopefully a BFP for you and dh!

1351078 tn?1416316746
by retta483, Apr 12, 2011
Oh no Im so sorry Cher :( I just got meds for a uti too . I think when I got O spotting that was a good thing I could be wrong try not to strss love you are going to get the baby you want soon :) after so many losses I have been praying for all my mh girls to get a BFP all together and then we all can be hormonal and crazy together lol instead of talking about oing and bding we can say how fat are ankles are and how the thought of bd makes you sick :) and having a love hate relashionship with food .  xoxox stay strong  ttc is afwel but the reward is worth every tear every angry /hopeless day  all the ttc blues goes away when you are holding that baby near . hope you and your dh heal fast and on to the next month for bfp :)

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