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Methadone has changed my life for the better

Apr 11, 2011 - 1 comments


  I have spent the last few evenings reading a great deal of posts regarding people that are very unhappy for ever getting on methadone. I feel bad for these people who have suffered because of it but for me it has turned my life around.
  I have had an attraction to painkillers of every type for most of my life. The 8 years I spent before getting on MMT was horrible. The first few years on them weren't too bad but as my tolerance went up I found it more and more difficult to find or afford the drugs it took to keep me from getting sick with w/d's. My life was a roller coaster ride of having pills for a week or two (no longer really high but at least able to function) and then having nothing and being so sick that it was all I could do to just prepare a meal for my family. "Mom is sick again." gets really old. I was miserable.
  I finally decided to try methadone and I feel like a normal person again. I am no longer sick, depressed and miserable. I have extra money to spend on other things in life besides pills. I am now doing things I have been unable to do for years like art, baking, gardening, ect. I am wanting to go back to work or even possibly go back to school. These are things that seemed a million miles away before I was on methadone. For me it has totally changed my life for the positive. The only small problem I have found is that I am gaining a little weight but am increasing my exercise and improving my diet to eliminate this problem. I would rather be a little bigger than spending my days the way they were before, anyday.
  I feel badly for the people that have suffered due to methadone. I am grateful that I am not going thru any of these bad experiences.

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by butterfly481, Mar 12, 2012
Wow congradualation im happy to a positive story my BF has just gone on methadone i dont agree at all, but I was wondering what you did differently then others to become succsessful. How did you turn your life around what type of routine or change did you do? Did you go to treatment or something? Please help so that I can help my BF be succsessful please? Thanks

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