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This pregnancy

Apr 12, 2011 - 0 comments

I am super tired. I now take naps. I sleep for 2 hours and am only awake a max of 45 minutes before i want to sleep some more. I am always hungry, no joke. I am making sure that i eat when i am hungry and not just because i am "eating for two". Right now my baby is a little bigger than a pin *****. My breasts might as well just go ahead and fall off. They hurt insanely and they have already gotten huge. It took a lot longer with my first for all of this to happen and of course i wasn't nearly so tired. Ah, second pregnancies. I have to say i am loving the bug differences. Hope I have some good news tomorrow. I get my OB workup since i had them confirm the pregnancy today. If anyone has any questions about the Clomid. I do believe i took 50 mg but i think as soon as we found out it was a success someone chucked them. (Rolls eyes). I took it the 5th day of my period for 7 days. Worked too lol. Morning Sickness hits about 12-4pm. Mornings are great as long as i don't let myself be hungry for too long. Same with night time. Its very hard to believe I'm pregnant since i was already feeling so awful with my first go around. A dream come true right now. Lots of sticky baby dust. If we can get a baby so can anyone.

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