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Apr 12, 2011 - 0 comments

Well I am super excited to be pregnant. But I am not very far along. I am 3-4 weeks which means i tested positive super early. Which is only going to make my family scream twins even louder lol. Part of the fun i suppose. I am only bummed because i am already morning sick and i was hoping that i was further along so this stage of morning sickness would be better than my first. But since i am so early that means things are worse. But i am staying positive because everything else is going beautifully and my hubby is loving the Tata's (sorry tmi) =D. I have another Dr.s appt. the 29th and another ultrasound may 10th. Wish me luck! I know I am wishing some baby luck for yall! I am also hoping for twins so everyone wish me TWO! Lots of sticky baby dust.

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