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Apr 13, 2011 - 18 comments

So, pretty much everyone I have talked to says that I will bleed for about 2 weeks. My question now is, how long will it be for me to start my period after I stop bleeding from the miscarriage. Also, will I ovulate in between the time I stop bleeding from the miscarriage and start my new period again? Thanks ladies. If you have had any experience with this, please comment!

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by Sheaby, Apr 13, 2011
There's no telling how long it will take for your next cycle to start, but it's very possible and almost likely that you will ovulate between those times.  Some dr's tell you to go ahead and try again immediately and some tell you to wait 1-3 cycles.  If you were having a D&C, I'd say wait - but since you are doing it naturally, I would say you can start trying again when you are ready (not just physically, but emotionally as well).  Some women are ready to start the very next month, and some are not.

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by wakejl, Apr 13, 2011
Sorry that you have to go through this. Generally, it takes between 6-8 weeks for you to get your next period. Most REs and OB/GYNs will recommend that you do use protection for BDing until you get your first period (it is usually OK to BD again around 3 weeks after m/c--with protection) . After that first AF, most docs will say you can start TTC again.
Hope this helps.
Take care. Hugs, Jessica

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by wakejl, Apr 13, 2011
Oops, I forgot to mention that it is generally 6-8 weeks from when your m/c BEGINS that you will get your next AF.

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by haz1104, Apr 13, 2011

there's no rule really..every woman is different..I got my period 4 weeks after my 2 miscarriages! worry about that
..just try to keep ur mind off TTC this month and use protection after u stop bleeding.. when ur ready ur body will tell u....

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by echoecho9er, Apr 13, 2011
oh I'm so sorry to hear this....I just wanted to let you know that some people will O right away again after a miscarraige. I don't know why this happens but I have seen it posted somewhere that you can O way sooner than you imagine you would.

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by mi_amorcito, Apr 13, 2011
Sorry to hear of your loss. When I lost my baby I didnt bleed or have cramps at all. My numbers just didnt go up. I got my period about 4 weeks later. My doctor gave me a D&C in her office. She told me to wait until I get my AF and then wait another cycle. Because you are still young I suggest you wait 2 cycles. Just so your body will get back to normal. Good luck sweety...

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by wakejl, Apr 13, 2011
OK, one more little thing--it took me 8 weeks after the start of my 1st miscarriage to get my period (8/3/10 was when it started, and 10/2/10 was when I got my next period).

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by jenkaye21, Apr 13, 2011
I'm so sorry for your loss. xx  
For me, AF started about 4 weeks after each of my 3 m/c.  And I assume I O'd about 2 weeks before that, so 2 weeks after the m/c.  The thing is, every m/c is SOOO different, we can all share our experiences w you, but you';; just have to wait and see how it goes for you.  I would recommend tracking your temperature--starting now-- to try to find out when you will ovulate.  If you can pinpoint this, your period should start about 14 days later.  Good luck!

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by frank_noahsmommy, Apr 13, 2011
I just had my 6th m/c and this one it has been 7 weeks and still no AF. With the others my cycle always was right on track and it would usually take 4 weeks. My Dr wants me to wait until it has been 8 weeks before I go in for a check since me and DH started trying right away.

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by gilkesy, Apr 14, 2011
After my d & c my doctor also told me to wait 2 cycles to get my.body back to normal before starting again. Good luck and hang in there. X x

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by angelkisses777, Apr 14, 2011
I think its different for each individual as I had my d & c and on calculation I got pregnant 10days after the d & c - I am 31weeks tomorrow - I your doc advised that you wait - then wait.  Good luck & Blessings

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by adgal, Apr 14, 2011
I'm so sorry for your loss.  

The length of time for bleeding after a loss does vary. For me it's typically a week or two.  And yes, you will ovulate between that and your next period.  Ovulation comes first, then AF usually about 14 days after.  It is true most Dr.'s will tell you to wait one cycle.  I have had 6 miscarriages, and I can tell you that when I questioned Dr.'s about the need for the wait, they said there really is not any medical reason.  In a first trimester miscarriage with no complications, your body actually bounces back very very quickly.  The main reason they tell you to wait is for dating has nothing to do with lining or anything like that.  My one healthy and successful pregnancy I conceived right after a AF in between.  He is 14 months old now.  

I am so sorry, please take care of yourself.

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by amy_1985, Apr 14, 2011
Im so sorry to hear of your loss hunni,

The other ladies are right in saying every miscarriage is different, I had a m/c Early Nov and didt have a period until end Feb (my HCG was at 2 jan 2nd) i also bled a total of 9 weeks but had no pain/cramping. If you start tracking your temps you should have a good idea when youve ovulated...are you having your HCG monitored and scans to make sure the miscarriage is complete?
**big hugs!!**

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by want2getprego, Apr 14, 2011
Thanks everyone! My body is a lot better now. I'm not really bleeding that much anymore. Tuesday I passed two big blood clots and it has gotten better since then. Thanks for your advice ladies! We aren't going to use protection when I stop bleeding and I'm not going to track my temps. If I get pregnant, I get pregnant! But, if I don't, I will be medicated again for my next cycle! Thanks again ladies, y'all are the best!

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by lrmgirl, Apr 14, 2011
I miscarried in September 2009, got pregnant again early December 2009, keep trying!!  Good luck

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by TraceL, Apr 17, 2011
After my miscarriage i didn't get AF i must have ovulated about 2 weeks after the miscarriage and i got pregnant straight away with no AF, i am now 38 weeks pregnant.
I asked my doctor if there was any medical reason to wait one cycle to TTC but he said there wasn't any reason as such it just makes dating the pregnancy easier but i didn't want to wait i wanted to try again, your body will tell you when its the right time. I felt as though after the bleeding stopped that i was ready to try again i didn't put any pressure on myself i just hoped i would get pregnant soon after.  

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by retta483, May 04, 2011
im four weeks scence my m/c and D&C  I bleed a week in 3 days and I still havent got af . I did do opk because i told my dr i wasnt going to wait and she said it was fine if i felt like it emotionally . so im 8 dpo and in the tww we will see .
I read you are very fertile after a m/c . good luck to you :) Loretta

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by Spyctre, May 05, 2011
I'm very sorry for your loss.  =(  I've always gotten my periods on time with my miscarriages.  I had a D&C in January, and right on time, even though I bled a bit longer than a normal period, I ovulated.  Got my period exactly 4 weeks after the D&C.  I had one chemical since then, and am still trying.  =)

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