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I Am Back in the fight!

Apr 13, 2011 - 5 comments



new treatment

I am suppose to be starting the new treatment that they have been waiting on I am going to start in
June.  Sounds like some different side effects but I am up for the challenge.  I went through 72 weeks
before, And that was hard, towards the end I forgot that I could feel better my body was just use to it
so I know that  I can do it without a doubt. With God on my side I can do anything.... I hope to make
new friends and hook up with some of the old ones. Hope everyone is doing well.

Phil. 4:13

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1477908 tn?1349567710
by paen53, Apr 13, 2011
Best of luck to you, Redbare.

72 weeks is one heckuva haul, so hopefully this time around will be shorter AND, more importantly, get you that SVR !! Stay positive and here's hoping that the added ammo of the new meds will dio the trick for you. Pam

1417802 tn?1282173063
by outtachek, Apr 13, 2011
is this the same interferon - peg interon treatment with an added dose of interferon? my Doc has told me that its the same meds, just a higher and more potent dosage.let me know, please, Robs

744422 tn?1312828880
by Redbare, Apr 14, 2011
To outlackek I do not think that it is as you are saying I have not been told the exact name of the med's but I am pretty sure that it is the peg-interferon treatment but with something else to go with it. One of the side effects that the doctor told me about was that I have to stay out of the sun that it will make my skin really red like a sunburn. I don't know everything about it yet. But he did say that he was planning on starting me on it in June. Even waited on blood work because of that reason. But I got back on here in hopes that there would be others that would know a little something about this new meds that they have now.  So if anybody knows anything about this new stuff, Please post it to me!  Good Health to all......  

87972 tn?1322661239
by Bill1954, Apr 14, 2011
Hi Tammy-

Your doctor is very possibly talking about adding in one of two protease inhibitor-class drugs. These are generically known as ‘DAA’ (direct acting antiviral) drugs that will be used in conjunction with interferon/ribavirin. These are up for FDA review; we should have definitive info on their availability on or before May 23rd 2011.

Much info is available online; keywords to search with are:


This page has lots of studies of various drugs now in development:

Good luck-


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by RobertBeWell, Apr 14, 2011
Long as your not back on the chain gang, ala Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders.

Good luck on ya.


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