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Trying to Recover!!!

Apr 14, 2011 - 3 comments








So I had my surgery on March 16th and all went well  I  suppose, except when I got home I couldn't cough, sneeze, breathe deeply, laugh or even fart (seriously) without having a massive pain shoot right thru me.  So I went to the ER of the hospital and was admitted and put on antibiotics, two days later went back into surgery to have my wound washout and omg, the pain was horrible the second time around.  I have since been recovering and trying to remember my limits.  Not exactly sure how long the process takes.  I get my stitches removed on April 21.  I am sometimes feeling good and then BAM its like I'm not, still taking muscle relaxers and suffering from serious insomnia. And I'm not even napping in the day...The headaches comes from me not remembering my limits but I'm dealing with it...idk..I know that it was the right thing and the thing I had to do because I was suffering but now idk how to cope with these new limitations.  I am a workaholic, must be doing something and now I have been stopped in my tracks and trying to find something to occupy my time and failing miserably....I suppose in time it will work itself out but until then I need some suggestions starting to feel swallowed up by what I now call my handicap.

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1372734 tn?1309953837
by niki3350, Apr 14, 2011
Hi glad all is well for you now honey but u seriously need to listen to your body and allow yourself time to heal, I have not has surgery but have read all the posts on here good and bad about post op and the advice seems to be slow down.

Like you I dont know my limitations and find it very very very difficults to listen to my body, but slowly over the years it has taken its toll on me and after a really nast flair in August I am still suffering, and probably because I wasnt listening to my body.  Im still off work because just cant shake of my symptoms.  I hear you honey because if you are like me busy mum, that works and taxis for kids runs house walks dog etc etc etc you feel lazy if you have not run the hoover around or loaded the dishwasher or walked the dog,ironed the clothes,checked the homework,loaded the washing machine etc etc and this is all b4 8am and then you have to go to work.

Hang in there and chill honey, I have started to read that takes up some time, I enjoy surfing the net are there any little jobs you could do for your childrens school, eg cutting out things, backing books or just stuff you could do sitting or at rest.

Keep us posted and hope you find something to eliviate the boredom.

Niki x x x

620923 tn?1452919248
by selmaS, Apr 14, 2011
Hi...I know all too well how u feel....chiari is life altering....if u r up to being online....u can chat with us and we will try to amuse u as much as, do not, I repeat DO NOT try to do nething even if u feel u can it is too soon and all u will do is cause more possible set backs.

Like Niki said hang in there and do let ur self rest so u heal.....


1625455 tn?1309321633
by miz32, Apr 15, 2011
thanks ladies..I will try..being online only lasts for about 30minutes...after that I am pooped...I read novels in one day because thats just me but I will try that and other stuff... :)

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