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Migraine Study

Apr 15, 2011 - 2 comments

Today I signed up for a migraine study in my city. I'm feeling desperate since the prescriptions I have been given by my doctor are not helpful and she no longer wants to prescribe anything else for me. I'm hoping that this study will help me understand what needs to be done to treat/prevent my migraines from occurring.

When I looked at signing up, I figured I wouldn't qualify because in the past, I have not qualified for these studies for some reason that is never shared. When I DID qualify, I figured they wouldn't be doing any in the area since, usually if I qualify, that's the next issue. Luckily, this study is happening right in my city, but it also sounds like these people will pay for transportation costs if there is NOT a study in your city.

Either way, I qualify and it's close to home. I'm supposed to be contacted once a doctor reviews my profile to set up... whatever needs to be set up.


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1339332 tn?1329854366
by skydivediva, Apr 17, 2011
I hope you get some answers and some relief from the migraines, TBOOM.

1462044 tn?1448394736
by toxicBOOM, Apr 17, 2011
Thanks Sky. I really hope they can help.

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