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Over my calorie limit today!

Apr 16, 2011 - 3 comments

It's only 4:30 pm and I'm way over my caloric intake today. I will have to pace out the rest of my day carefully. LOL!

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1461073 tn?1308677548
by crackerjack4u2, Apr 20, 2011
Hello Red, I'm sorry this is late.  I'm running behind on my responses because I took a couple days off then lost power yesterday but I just wanted to say HI and  don't be too hard on yourself.  You are going to have days that you slip up and get off track some due to stress, being to busy to eat at home and grab a burger through the drive thur etc.  the main thing is that you are making an honest effort to a healthier life.  Hang in there You will reach your goal.  Good Luck and God Bless Brenda

765775 tn?1366024691
by Red931, Apr 21, 2011
I'm actually there already Brenda. I have put on some muscle mass so that is why I am above 170. I was just kidding around. You will not see me at any drive-thru windows. LOL

1461073 tn?1308677548
by crackerjack4u2, Apr 22, 2011
LOL Good for you My Friend.  Good luck on your future goals and God Bless Brenda

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