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baby bump..

Apr 20, 2011 - 0 comments

Either I am eating too much or we are having twins... my belly is getting hard and bigger. I need to buy maternity trousers and bras asap!!

It is a tradition with us that we dont buy anything for the baby or myself until we have our scan (roughly 11-12 wks pregnant) and make sure everything is alright, the same way we dont tell anyone apart from family until this time. Not all cultures are like that but we are!

I am dredding telling everyone especially my new boss.. I am in my new job 2-3wks and Im 6wks pregnant... need to find out what maternity Im entitled to!

At the minute I need a stress free head and I need to focus on keeping this baby healthy and happy! Im trying to eat my 5 fruit and veg a day, up my calcium intake as it would have been low before and eat small meals but often. I was dieting before I got pregnant so Im used to eating healthy although at the minute all I want is sweet foods, chocolate, popcorn, biscuits and sweets (even strawberry milkshakes) Both me and my Fiance gave up smoking 3 months ago so there is no way smoke can harm our lil on now... I think thats how our lil baby was made - I think smoking reduced our chances of concieving! We were stopped smoking and off redbulls and caffiene 6 weeks and fell pregnant after 18 months of TTC.

Soooo excited for us to mummies and daddies... cannot wait to see our little miracle baby Greenwood :-D :-D :-D

My fiance is absolutely obsessed with my belly - cant even poke or push hard on it incase he hurts the baby (his words not mine lol) and he is delighted that we have finally got what we waited for, prayed for and wanted for soo long :-)

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