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The approach of focusing on a fuller, richer, more fulfilling life seems to be effective NOT only for people with cancer. (but for people with other illnesses or dis-ease)

When therapy is directed this way, recovered patients appear to increase their chances of non-recurrence. Those who are well appear to increase their chances of maintaining health. The “healing climate" created seems to maximize any individual’s potential for health.

Taking action to bring about our own, individual ways to upgrade and enrich our life changes us. It can change us psychologically, in relation to others, spiritually and physically.

When we begin to act toward ourselves in ways that truly help to care for and nurture the best of ourselves, our feelings change in response. We feel more positive about who we are, and that, in turn, makes it easier to continue to act in ways that nourish us. Further, to the extent that we try to become the best of ourselves, our trying tells our immune system that we are worth fighting for. Often it follows our example and works toward our health in a stronger way.
If you have cancer (dis'ease, depression, anxiety etc) and begin taking steps toward redesigning your life in ways that reflect who you really are, whether the changes you make are large or small ones, certain things happen:

1) You are no longer a helpless, passive patient in the hands of the medical profession. You are actively taking control of your life.
2) This changes the color of your life: you are now on an adventure, not just waiting for things to happen.
3) Taking new steps has a strong tendency to stimulate your own self-healing abilities so that they reinforce your medical treatment.

If you are well, this increased your chances of maintaining your health. Sometimes this activates our inner healing resources and improves our health, and sometimes it doesn’t, but it is the only way we know to try.

(Doesn't this seem to make sense? What a refreshing approach to 'treatment'. Remembering what we Love to DO may feel hard at first, but it will surface, the more we give it a safe place to approach. I love to Sing. I love to Perform. I love to Dance. Bake. Cook. Travel. Go Camping. Meet up with friends. Write stories.Write poems. Paint. Swim.  Laugh. Play with Animals. Help others. Make people Smile. Surprise Friends. Visit with Family. Ride my Bikes. Make strangers feel welcome and at ease in new environments. Listening to others stories of their lives...

Think of what you LOVE doing... and remember... go back.. what have you always loved to do? What surfaces when you are still and content and alone, wanting for nothing, at peace... what inspires you?  

It's most likely the key to your health, mental, emotional and physical.

Peace! xo

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