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Apr 20, 2011 - 2 comments

Lost my father in law one year ago today. Just realized what today was. Hope my family can keep their chins up today. Plan to make a easy day for my husband and maybe go see mom or invite her over for dinner. Need to go see my mom too as she is still having problems.Whew I hate days like this. On a side note still falling asleep when I stop. I can't wait to see when synthyroid kicks all the way it if it goes away. Also got a new pair of shoes that help my back when I walk around even if its for hours They are Ryka brand assist xt2. They have great arch support and are supposed to help keep your feet balanced.

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by Nat_16, Apr 21, 2011
I hope you and your family got through the day ok!  I'm sure there's plenty of nice memories to keep you all going when a tough day arrives!!

Take care!! : )

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by bigsissie, Apr 21, 2011
It did go ok, except for my sister in law her horse died. She went into labor and the foal got stuck and she lost them both. I don't think anyone else really thought about it until today but they seem to be doing ok. Thank you for asking. Hope your days go good as well.

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