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Apr 20, 2011 - 8 comments


Ive been having some dull aches in my lower left abdomen area for a little over a week now and it comes and goes.  Sometimes it is a cramp that takes a few seconds to work through then goes away.  I'm nervous this could be a possible ectopic pregnancy.  I called the doctor a couple days ago and they said as long as its just a dull pain and not getting worse or with any bleeding I shouldnt be concerned, its just my body stretching and getting ready for the baby but its just odd because its been in the exact same spot off and on for over a week now.  I was just wondering if anyone else has had the same kinds of pains during early pregnancy...

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by Dreamia, Apr 20, 2011
Yes I did...I was soo paranoid and still am at every little pain that I have in that area...this is soo new to me that I don't want to be the blame for something going wrong...and once people know that you are prego they will start saying you shouldn't be doing this or you shouldn't do that...It kinda gets on your nerves because you know what you are physically capable of...but yes cramps early on are very common...

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by mlward3, Apr 20, 2011
Yes very normal! The side your hurting on is probably the side you ovulated from, it forms a cyst which produces the progesterone to sustain the pregnancy for the first weeks! Corpus luteum....I had sharp cramping from the cyst and it eventually went away...

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by JennaRie, Apr 20, 2011
I think as long as they are dull aches with no bleeding you are ok. I had mild cramps every day for almost 2 weeks starting just before 4 weeks.

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by princessren88, Apr 20, 2011
Yup I'm having some dull aches quick pains on my left side. And had some pretty serious period cramps ( dull cramps in uterus ) after my bfp till yesterday. Seems to be gone now but I'm still getting aches on my left side I'm thinking maybe a cysts or where I ovulated. If it comes and goes I wouldn't worry kinda like me.

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by CantWait2BAMommy, Apr 20, 2011
Thank you all soooo much for replying!  You have made me feel so much better! Even though I talked to my nurse it just makes me feel more secure to know women who have/are going through the same thing.  

Yes its only been dull most the time, sometimes a short sharp pain but then goes away...I think its getting better now only a coulple episodes today.  But who knows what tomorrow brings!

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by Clysta, Apr 20, 2011
If it were Ectopic generally you would bleed and it would be extreme pain. You might also feel pain in your shoulder area. Like the others said, it's really normal to cramp. I used to get it on one side and it was really painful. I'd fill up a hot water bottle and it helped with the pain a bit. I was told it was the uterus stretching and expanding for the baby. It's only when it's severe that it's cause for concern. Congrats on your pregnancy!!!

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by beddajess, Apr 20, 2011
Hey Girl,

I know that I have never been pregnant but I have a friend who has had 5 babies and I ask her questions all of the time. I do remember clearly her telling me about the exact type of cramping you are experiencing. It is definitely your uterus stretching! She also told me that she experienced sharp pains in her side if she made a sudden move. No bleeding is a good thing. What you are feeling is normal. Specially if they are anything similar to period cramping. I had a friend in high school who conceived senior year and I remember her telling me that when she became pregnant it felt like she was going to start her period but obviously was pregnant. She described what you described.

I hope this helps a little bit! I just don't want you to worry ;). I am excited for you because this confirms even more of the reality that YOU ARE PREGNANT!!!! YAY!!!!!

Jess XoXo

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by adgal, Apr 21, 2011
Just chiming in.  I too had a fair amount of cramping with my pregnancy. Never anything unbearable, but more the dull ache you describe.  To echo the others, it's pretty normal stuff.  As Clysta said, etopic is typically accompanied by spotting/bleeding and pain that is more intense.  Sounds to me llike so far so good for you!  Congrats!!

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